Bryan Yang on “Not Washing Hands, Typecast as the Guy Eating Stuff, Asians on Reality TV, Sacramento MMA Bro Culture” | Episode 3

Here’s episode 3 with Bryan Yang, co-creator of the What’s Eating You? podcast. As usual we talk about a lot of random stuff.

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Full Interview Transcript

NOTE: An automated transcript of the interview can be found below. It’s currently unedited so there are parts that won’t exactly match the podcast.

David Park 0:00
Episode Number Three

Jessica Ventura 0:02
yes yeah so welcome to comedy noted Episode Three. I’m super excited. We have Brian Yang here. He is from two times stand up NBC showcase semi finalists. I don’t

David Park 0:15
know what that actually means but sounds

Bryan Yang 0:18
gone through NBC diversity kutlay every year they come to New York and you showcase and so I’ve done that for them twice.

David Park 0:27
What some type of carpet? Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 0:31
Was it as it is on TV?

Bryan Yang 0:33
It’s not on TV, but you do it in front of like, NBC people, and then there’s agents and managers. Okay, casting directors and stuff. So yeah, it’s it’s pretty cool. That’s awesome. Also come to watch five fives, BuzzFeed,

Jessica Ventura 0:47
top 14 comedians you should be paying attention to and Yeah, 14.

Bryan Yang 0:51
Yeah. We’re prestigious number.

Unknown Speaker 0:55

Bryan Yang 0:56
Yeah, it’s very BuzzFeed number. Yeah.

David Park 0:58
They have algorithm that was based like 14 it’s like the optimal number. Yeah.


Jessica Ventura 1:05
that really what it is?

David Park 1:06
Probably Yeah. Was feats like

Bryan Yang 1:09
they always do weird like the top 17 sweaters like it’s never like a round number at BuzzFeed.

David Park 1:15
It’s Yeah, it’s crazy. Like BuzzFeed is just like mastered the lists. And I don’t know lists are still a thing, but it used to be the worst one. Yeah. I thought

Jessica Ventura 1:22
there were about the quizzes because I tell that type of quiz. I’m like, buzzy, what’s up a sandwich Am I right?

Bryan Yang 1:28
It was lists and then quizzes and then they’ve kind of fallen off recently. I feel like they tried to become more hard news. Yeah, I remember that and then I don’t know what they really do anymore. I’m not sure.

Jessica Ventura 1:40
I you said used to be one of my favorites, but I feel like now I’m too much on the gram. That I people are like what website Do you go on? I’m like, Oh, no. I

Bryan Yang 1:51
can get news on Instagram. You

Unknown Speaker 1:53
kind of

David Park 1:55
why I’m not like so one. Yeah, I judge her very badly all the time, which is Mina. But you get your news on Instagram.

Jessica Ventura 2:04
I mean, I like subscribers so many, like have those subscriptions like the skin.

And then I’m like, I’m gonna read them on the train. I was like, oh, there’s no research. I’m just gonna go back.

David Park 2:15
listen to a podcast

Bryan Yang 2:16
every morning and just delete it

feels good to be like, Oh, I’m saying up on the news, but I’m really not. But you do say on the news?

Unknown Speaker 2:25
I do. I try. Yeah, you’re really good with your Twitter on Twitter. I do. Yeah.

Bryan Yang 2:29
And I think it’s easy to I think the algorithm knows like, who I follow now and like, what I tweeted about that I see. Like, my feet is just like, political and comedy stuff now,

Jessica Ventura 2:42
which is I think is great because I think right now with like, how everything’s going it’s a little scary. So a little humor is really good.

David Park 2:50
I think like, one thing that’s kind of potentially good is I think it’s gonna make people like wash their hands more.

That sounds good, right? Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 3:00
That’s so sad though. Like, because these are things we learn when we’re toddlers and kids. It’s like wash your hands, but now like, guess adults don’t really washed or

Unknown Speaker 3:10
like you can’t trust people that washed her. Yeah.

David Park 3:13
Yeah, it’s a Yeah, it’s a weird thing. It’s like a common thing you’d think but

Bryan Yang 3:19
people don’t wash their hands. They know it’s it’s crazy, especially here where you’re touching like subway poles and banisters and like, everything’s dirty and

Unknown Speaker 3:30

Bryan Yang 3:32
I don’t I’m not obsessive about washing my hands, but I do like, make sure I do and I can’t believe like the amount of people who are proudly saying like, Oh, I never wash my hands.

That’s that’s, that doesn’t make you cool man. I do

Jessica Ventura 3:46
have to say like, I never thought people didn’t wash your hands after the bathroom but I was one time in the bathroom. And girl walked in

and walked right I

Bryan Yang 3:58
do that too.

David Park 4:02
I would

Bryan Yang 4:03
like run my hands on at least four

David Park 4:09
out of here right I like to

Bryan Yang 4:11
go in when I see you go in and out I’m like that’s psychotic

David Park 4:14
yeah guys is a whole different guys are dirty or two you would think but I hear women are pretty bathrooms are no joke

Bryan Yang 4:23
here guys we can actually go in the bathroom and not touch any anything because if we’re just going to the general touching yourself and then you can use your elbows to touch everything and you’re good but women just getting into the psychology right though yeah women unfortunately have to sit down have to open the door there’s like so much there’s

David Park 4:45
a lie. Yeah, that yeah, it’s funny because now I’m thinking about growing up. My mom I don’t know about you guys. She made me fear public restrooms. So hard read she was like they don’t ever use them unless You absolutely have to just dirty she made it sound like I would like contract like, I don’t know HIV or just die by using a public toilet especially like going like number two. Oh, like whatever you do if you absolutely must like, layer in like rolls of toilet paper and like, hover over it. She’s like, don’t do it though. It’s good. So

Bryan Yang 5:21
my dad was too Yeah, he would put like so many layers of toilet paper on the toilet bowl like it was like insane. Yeah,

David Park 5:29
yeah. I mean, I think to this day still fear certain toilets like oh

Jessica Ventura 5:34
my god.

David Park 5:37
Like, let’s say, because we’re near Union Square the McDowell Yeah, they’re like that’s a toilet. I would try to avoid more so than most toilets, Penn Station toilet. nother one like even the urinals. I don’t want to be like, I fear the mash. Like I’ve

Bryan Yang 5:53
gotten to the point where if I have to, I’ll just go anywhere now. It’s just in New York. Yeah, there’s like no bathroom. So you just Yeah I guess so Warzone out here

Jessica Ventura 6:04
bars worse so cuz everybody’s drunk Miss

Bryan Yang 6:08
there’s so many bars in the sea I don’t have locks either so you just have to pray pray and no one opens the door on you

David Park 6:14
yeah I mean yeah New York there’s bars for I’m pretty sure like people just decide to pee on the floor Yeah, what’s this toilet here? I’m just not gonna pee on that thing. Oh thick. Yeah, I actually

Jessica Ventura 6:24
got into subway today and I remember when I first moved to New York from San Francisco one of the advice I got got was like if it’s rush hour and you see like, one of the subways one of the cards like being like, empty don’t go in it. It’s because something’s there. Uh huh. Today I was like, wow, that’s empty. And I got in there and it just smelled haste in there.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
I was like, very rookie move.

Bryan Yang 6:49
When you’re in New York move Yeah.

David Park 6:51
Or other other ones. Sometimes it’s empty. And then it’s like Dead of Summer and you’re like, oh, there’s no like AC or air going. Exactly. The hottest one ever. I think that’s another one. Or there’s just like a crazy person that might stab you. Oh, yeah, exactly like that guy scared a run out of it.

Bryan Yang 7:12
Are you from the Bay Area?

Jessica Ventura 7:14
No, I am not. I grew up in New York. I’m like, I’ve been like, well, it’s so funny. So I was born in New York. I lived in Chicago for like, maybe two years of my life. So I was like a baby. My family moved to San Francisco from Chicago. So I was there until I was about eight. And then we moved back to Long Island. And then then I got moved to upstate New York, Albany, New York. And then after college, I was like, screw this. I’m going back to San Francisco to LA. I know, but it’s been to like, kind of like the same place. Think about it’s a combination of like New York and San Francisco. And then I was just like, ready for a change. So it’s like New York. It is like there’s as an adult not living in New York City. I think I would have regretted it.

Bryan Yang 7:55
That’s how I felt. Yeah, I’m from Northern California. Oh, okay. I spent a lot of time in San Francisco. Alright.

So I was I’m from Sacramento originally, but I did a lot of stand up in San Francisco. Nice. But the same thing when I was in my mid 20s I was like, I gotta move to New York. Because see what kind of

Jessica Ventura 8:15
gets like it’s great. But it kind of gets boring after a while. Yeah,

Bryan Yang 8:19
I mean, it shuts down way earlier. Yes. But you can’t do as much late at night and also now, going back. It’s so different. It’s so sterile, because of tech. It’s very clean and like, it doesn’t have like when I went there in my early 20s it was still like, it felt like San Francisco now it feels very commercial and very like yeah,

David Park 8:40
that’s why rent says even when like, I’ve been there other than and I don’t like being this section, honestly, but like the tenderloin is pretty grimy. But like every other part of SF, it’s it’s like it’s weird. It’s like a little Yeah. sterile. It’s like very tech. Barely. It’s a Yeah. Well, you’re from Sacramento. Yeah, right. Sacramento What was it like there because I was only there once and I feel like I insulted someone from

Bryan Yang 9:07
what happened

David Park 9:08
I don’t think I really like it here it was like very not tech brewery but just very briefly at least the part

Bryan Yang 9:14
oh are you in like downtown area? Thanks. I’m a strip

David Park 9:17
malls. That’s

Bryan Yang 9:18
okay. Yeah, okay. I know exactly where you were. Yeah, downtown Sacramento is bro it’s like white dudes who are like trucker hats and love MMA and it’s like a very like we drink craft beer and we die like it’s a bro it’s a white bro II city for sure. Yeah, um, but there is like where I live in Midtown where there’s like, where I did stand up mostly. There’s a lot of artists and more diverse people. So there are pockets because it’s so small like compared to New York. So what you’ll see mostly if you go visit will be like the bro year people but I know exactly. It’s funny though because

David Park 9:57
like I like bro II things actually get lonely. bros

want to necessarily like, live or like hang out? I Oh, yeah, right. It’s like I watch MMA but like, I don’t necessarily if I want to be like, in a scene let’s just like filled with bad tattoo

Bryan Yang 10:15
there’s there’s nothing in Sacramento where I like to watch like all that stuff too but I don’t like to be around those guys because then they also think they can do it. So they you know they get into fi that like everyone says like, I know he should have Didn’t he should have did this we should have did that. You don’t know you’re talking about just watch it and so yeah, being from Sacramento there is a bit of that bro II culture inside of me. Yeah, inside of you. But yeah, it’s not. It’s I know what you mean. It’s not something you want to be around all the time. And you started doing stand up when when you’re out there? Yeah, I flunked out of college. And I went to community college, okay, and dropped out of Community College. So I was like, well, I might as well do stand up because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Yeah. And I was 18. So I just started doing Santa.

David Park 11:02
Wow. Yeah. You’ve been doing it for a minute then yeah,

Bryan Yang 11:04
I’ll be 32 at the end of this month, so it’ll be almost like 14 years in December. Wow.

Jessica Ventura 11:12

Unknown Speaker 11:13

Jessica Ventura 11:14
You see you always do you want to be a stand up. So like, what age was that? Like, oh,

Bryan Yang 11:17
really young, but I didn’t really know. Like, it was a job because that’s not something people tell you. So I was when I was really young. I like, I want to be a truck driver, because that seems cool. Right?

Jessica Ventura 11:28
I always wanted to be a waitress.

Bryan Yang 11:31
Right? Like my dad worked in an office like that didn’t seem cool. No, it’s like you just sit down like as a kid. You don’t really know what he’s doing. He just goes and sits. Yeah, he just doesn’t sit. Yeah. So I wanted to be a truck driver because like you get to drive a truck. That’s cool. But yeah, like a waitress.

Jessica Ventura 11:48
I thought there was so cool that they had this like apron. Yeah, they had all these trays. Dude, right.

I mean, I’m pretty sure it was like it. I hop and I was like, Yeah, like to view it’s They have.

Bryan Yang 12:02
But then as you get older, I was like, Okay, I was good at writing. So I was like, maybe I’ll be a journalist. So that’s what major was. And then I hated it. I was like, not a good journalist at all. Um, one of my first assignments in college was to just go like, there was some picnic going on, and then go down to the picnic and like interview people. And I was like, Hey, I’m with the paper, like, Can I interview the picnic? And everyone would just be like, no. I can’t do this man. One of my friends is actually a journalist, like for NBC. And she like, tracks people down and she like, you know, like, Oh, she was on the show to me. Yeah, yeah, she was the other person on the podcast that you guys were at. But she like, goes for real stories with like, huge people. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t know how you do that because I couldn’t even interview people at a picnic.

I was like, so scared.

flunked out. And I was like, I’ll do stand up because that’s what I’ve been thinking about. The whole time I was at college, like all I

Jessica Ventura 13:07
got a comedy shows and you’re like,

Bryan Yang 13:09
yeah, that because in college, they would have comedians come and perform for the students. And you could go for free. So like, every time I would go, like, I want to do this, like, how do you get into that? And then I figured out like, Oh, you just go, you just start doing it. Like, there’s open mics. And then you kind of just hang out, and all of a sudden you’re in it. And then 14 years later, you live in New York, and you’re doing comedy all over the place. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 13:34
How is the first time that you did like open mic?

Bryan Yang 13:37
It was really bad. Because I was 18.

Everywhere. I was, I couldn’t eat all day. I remember well, and the all the other comedians hated me because they were all like in their 30s and I’m just some young kid. Yeah, and I’m all cocky, and I’ve never done stand up before. So comedians, hate you Young people, they hate competent people. The host really hated me because I was really dirty. I was like young and stupid. So my whole act was about like, jerking off. And he was like a Christian comedian. Oh

David Park 14:11
my God and

Bryan Yang 14:12
he was like so mad. He was so mad. He was like your act was filthy. And I was like, Oh, that was my first time ever doing this. Did you make people laugh? Right like silent. I made people laugh the first time. The second time I did stand up was when I didn’t make anyone laugh like I should have quit then the second time it was saying like cuz the first time I made all my friends come and then the second time I was like, on my own I’m like really doing it now. And it was so bad. It was so bad. Yeah, I remember just being so quiet like it never been that quiet in my life.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
Like the longest like five minutes,

Bryan Yang 14:50
probably doing stand up. And sometimes people will boom or yell at you. It wasn’t even that they were just like, what the fuck? Going on this is so bad. Oh my God just the silence. It was almost like

David Park 15:05
your made me uncomfortable. Just you

thinking about it terrified

Bryan Yang 15:09
I should quit. I don’t know, I didn’t quit then because it was so bad like, you know when something’s quiet, but even it was even quieter than that it was like something was sucking energy out of the room. Yeah, it was. It was that bad. Yeah. So it was like that for like three years. And I don’t know what happened. I probably just like, got better by repetition. Yeah, it was like three years of just like,

Jessica Ventura 15:35
kudos to that. Like, I think I’m not giving up right? Because that could have been easily the spot that you’re like, I’m not good at this like are like, Oh, no, that was horrible. Like, I don’t want to experience that again. But you just kept going.

Bryan Yang 15:47
Yeah, so comedians are like you’re just not funny on stage. Yeah. But they’re like we can tell you’re good. You just don’t know how to be funny on stage yet. So that always kept me Because comics could tell like, Oh, he’s like got the tools. He just needs to put them all together. So it took me a while to figure that out.

Jessica Ventura 16:08
Yeah, that’s good that you had that like support though.

Bryan Yang 16:11
Yeah, comics are great. They’re usually pretty supportive. You’re not an asshole. Like, comedians are some of the best people you’ll meet. It’s a very supportive scene. Most of the time I yeah. There I mean, there’s a lot of psychotic people too, but

David Park 16:26
that’s what we hear. We haven’t I mean, so like, like we’re saying like this like episode three. And our two previous guests, Luke Touma and printed off Biharis. They were both I don’t know how it came up, but we’re just talking about they’re like, yeah, there’s some like really strange people like maybe you don’t want them like in your apartment type.

Bryan Yang 16:49
Yeah, I would say like, try to that.

Jessica Ventura 16:54
Well, it’s funny cuz we put a Craigslist

Bryan Yang 17:01
Don’t do that. Oh my god. Get some interesting people. Yeah, I don’t want to read on Twitter one day that you both were murdered.

Not to let anyone in.

Also, I want you guys to know that anyone can call themselves a comedian. So definitely like do your due diligence. Okay, website. Yeah, look, look, make sure they have like a Twitter and Instagram a website, just like, put some evidence together. Yeah,

Jessica Ventura 17:31
it’s true. Send us a picture. Because they could just be like, I’m this person.

Bryan Yang 17:36
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So far.

David Park 17:38
Yeah. I mean, well, when we first started out, we didn’t know how we’d get anybody. So we couldn’t get anyone back to the apartment. That was it. Yeah, yeah. So we were like, We have this genius idea. We’ll go on Craigslist. And they’re like, maybe this isn’t the way

Bryan Yang 17:54
we have two cameras. Everyone’s like, is this a sex thing?

Jessica Ventura 18:00
On the first episode in originally was on the couch.

David Park 18:03

Jessica Ventura 18:04
right. So you know it’s like the beginning of every last

David Park 18:09
every porn Yeah,

Bryan Yang 18:10
you just turned 18 hmm yeah. Oh god

David Park 18:14
this is I mean it’s crazy I mean cuz it used to be on the couch and I can move my couch in there which is my bedroom and now we have this weird table.

Bryan Yang 18:23
I don’t know this is huge

David Park 18:26
but we could have like 10 people

Bryan Yang 18:29
like a giant This is the biggest table I’ve ever seen.

Unknown Speaker 18:33

Bryan Yang 18:36
you bought it just for the podcast? Yeah. Wow, you’re really doing Yeah,

David Park 18:40
I guess yeah, I have this tendency. If I want to do something I probably go overboard. You know and just just buy some mics buy this record. I have no idea how to do it. Use any of this. I’m just like hitting record.

Bryan Yang 18:53
Recording you bought you bought everything. The cameras, whole shebang. This is your apartment you live in today. This is just turned into a podcast. It’s basically

David Park 19:02
a podcast idea. Now it could be your line. We’re at the bar, come back, come back and you want to do

Bryan Yang 19:10
like a 2020 pickup line.

David Park 19:13
And like yeah, I have

a couch

Jessica Ventura 19:20
No worries. Don’t mind the cameras.

David Park 19:22
Don’t mind the cameras. I’m recording right now giving you crap. Usually can be crap. So you know, yeah, it’s only fair first first episode that was giving you some so much. Yeah. Come be coming back to me. Um,

Jessica Ventura 19:36
well, you have your own podcast.

David Park 19:37
Yeah. Tell us what I do. Um, so what’s eating your what’s

Bryan Yang 19:41
eating you? Yeah, podcast. So so many comedians, like their podcasts are about being comedians, so I knew I didn’t want to go that route. And my friend Ariel, who’s also a comic, we both love food. So we’re like, let’s do a food podcast. Yeah. And I did a show at Canal Street Market. Chinatown. Actually my consuming standup show. Yeah, we’ve been there. Yeah. Wait a few. I’ve been there. I haven’t you have to go. It’s great. That packed out. It’s crazy. And the food’s good. food’s amazing. Yeah. So we record there in the market. Because I there’s a studio there and I did a stand up show there. So the guy who runs the market was like, hey, like, I like your set. We’re trying to get more podcasts in the studio. Do you have an idea? Let me know. And I was like, Oh, I have an idea. My friend and I like are trying to start a podcast. So he’s like, Yeah, come by. And so we’ve been there ever since. We started in like, October, and we’ve been going ever since. And yeah, it’s super fun. Um, they Luckily, they have all the equipment there. So I didn’t have to buy anything. Yeah, that was cool. But But the thing is, though, it was just weird because we had just been like talking about doing a podcast. And yeah, we probably had would have had to buy our own stuff, but it was just like Look that this guy had a studio and yeah, it worked out. Cuz I had bought my own stuff before but nothing like this I bought like, you know the Blue Yeti mic. Yeah, like I had that it just plugs into your laptop. It’s not great. Like this is so professional.

David Park 21:17
Yeah, kind of went overboard but whatever

Bryan Yang 21:19
you have the sound is everything right? Yeah, it’s a podcast. You don’t want that on the Yeti mic sound terrible. Yeah, but yeah, we started the food podcast and you just have comedians and actors and chefs come in and talk about food. Yes. And it’s right in the food market to so like we’re right in it. So that’s really cool. I was gonna say like, every time you do show, do you feel like you have to get some food in the market? Because

David Park 21:45
I remember, I’ve only been there once. I was like, everything looks really good. Everything is good. I’ll be like,

Bryan Yang 21:51
pretty much every time. Yeah. So great. Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing. We record at noon so we’re usually done around one so we grab lunch afterwards. Yeah.

David Park 22:00
That’s awesome. And like, there’s people that are just walk around, they can’t actually go in, but they can see you do it right. That’s

Bryan Yang 22:07
the last booth. So I don’t people don’t even know who we are. But they’ll just like, take pictures of us because it’s a lot. It’s fine in town. So like, there’s tourists, and they’re just like, oh, no business. He’s like, waving at us or take pictures of us and like, like, when they get home, what are they gonna tell their family? Like, look at these people?

David Park 22:28
For something I

Jessica Ventura 22:29
don’t know what they’re famous for one

Bryan Yang 22:30
time we just had wrapped up. And this family like, we’re like, oh, what do you guys do here? And like, Oh, it’s a podcast, and then I can we take a picture with you? And really sure. So he took pictures of them, and then they followed us on Instagram. Like, okay, oh, that’s Yeah, we’re like, bad. Yeah, we’re like, we just have a podcast and they’re like, okay, we like podcasts. Like, okay, cool. Like podcast. Yeah.

David Park 22:51
Awesome. And how did you and your co host area like meetup like in the first I just threw this

Bryan Yang 22:58
up, say, yeah, just doing stand up. We are friend Gordon, Gordon Baker bone. He’s a comedian. And he would always book us on shows together. And then we had just become friends because we would always open for him. And then we Yeah, we started talking about food. And I was like, Oh, I love Anthony Bourdain. And she’s like, I love Anthony Bourdain. And then we just started talking about food, then we would go out to eat. And we like all the same food and like, we should do like a video or something. And the idea for the podcast came out of that. Yeah,

David Park 23:30
that’s awesome. And you also outside of standup, you also do acting and writing still?

Bryan Yang 23:35
Yeah, yeah. I yeah, I’m doing a lot of writing, trying to submit to shows. That’s been cool. So they’re NBC. I was also in their late night writing program. So that’s like, this class that helps diverse writers get plugged into the writing world for TV. So yeah, that’s been great. They kind of know me from stand up and from that, so they’ve been helping me submit stuff. And then for acting I mean, I’m not really an actor, but people have seen me do stand up so they’ll cast me in commercials. Really? That’s been cool. Wow. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 24:11
know. Have you been on? I did

Bryan Yang 24:14
a commercial for Comcast business wireless. What do you do? I just played like office worker. Uh huh. And I was using the wireless internet. That was cool. And I just like some guy watching. Instead of working, I was watching TV on my laptop. And yeah, so that was I did that and I was just in a Tostitos commercial that should be coming out soon. Oh, awesome. Yeah.

David Park 24:39
Um, what do you do in that one? Can you are you allowed to say

Unknown Speaker 24:42
I don’t remember.

David Park 24:44
I think he in Arizona. Oh, so that.

Bryan Yang 24:48
So they didn’t write any eating into the script. And the director was like, hey, can he eat something because in usually weirdly, everything I’ve been in, I eat something. Just whatever. Because in the Comcast one, I’m watching TV and eating eating more. And I did another commercial for Comedy Central and I eat Cheetos. And in this one, they’re like, Can he eat the tuxedos for whatever reason? I just looked like a guy who can eat, which is fine. I’ll do that. So they’re like, Can he eat some? And so when you do a commercial with a brand, they usually have some people from the brand there. It’s really weird, like, so usually they watch the filming of the commercial. And then they tell the director if they don’t like something, and then director tells you like, hey, they don’t like something. It’s like, they can just tell you directly. I don’t know why. But that’s just how it works. I guess I don’t really know. Because I’ve only done like three of these things. But so they’re like, all right, in this scene, like, grab some tuxedos and eat them. And then all of a sudden, I could see that the director was getting something in his earpiece, and like, Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. And then they go and talk and then they come back. I was like, okay, so like, you can’t eat anything because The there’s not anyone here from Tostitos who can show you the right way to eat them on camera because I guess they have a way that you have to do it every time if you eat Tostitos on camera, so every commercial they have like a way to do it the right way. I don’t know what it is. Barely You can’t eat it. Yes, I couldn’t eat. And then the craziest thing is, there’s this woman her her whole job was just some place all the food and make it look nice. So she was there all day.

Jessica Ventura 26:36
I think it’s honestly called it wasn’t it’s like a food merchandise. I don’t know there’s Yeah, there’s

Bryan Yang 26:41
I forgot it because like, people do it for Instagram and they do it for like, um, magazine ads and stuff like they set up the food to make it look real and she was just, she had stacks and stacks and stacks of Tostitos. We were shooting on location at a house. So She was in the garage. It was just like a stack of chips. And then she would just take balls and carefully make sure that they all looked perfect.

Jessica Ventura 27:08
Oh my goodness. Yeah. All right. So true confession. So I actually like I started acting classes last summer. Nice. A Reason being people are like, why I’m like, I think you’d be so cool. If someone’s like, you know, people are like, Oh my god, he looks familiar. And you’re like, a cog in a car show or something?

secretly, I just want to say that yeah.

Bryan Yang 27:34
I mean, yeah, that’s why you moved to New York.

Jessica Ventura 27:36
Yeah, exactly. Like a fight. Yeah. And I actually went, so I’m like, taking like a couple workshops here at this like studio in Midtown. And I volunteer for like a commercial acting like class. And like in this class, it’s the last class that they have for the students and they like stage a, like a real audition. So I don’t know if have you audition for these.

Bryan Yang 27:57
I’ve auditioned for one thing. And that’s the way This thing because I got your audition for one thing because I hey, I haven’t done it in such a weird way because through stand up I think people kind of are like, oh, like he can do it because he’s a stand up interest and like my friends So, uh, who needs to be standing ups? Like have become directors and writers so that so that has helped Sure. I mean, you know, like the shitty thing is it’s like the people you know

David Park 28:29
that’s what how it works Yeah,

Bryan Yang 28:31
it sucks when it’s not you but it when it is like well that’s kind of nice. But I did audition for one thing and it was not like very comedic It was like straight up real dialogue and yeah, so bad. Cuz I I tried to study the dye. It was another like computer commercial. And I couldn’t understand any of the dialogue because it was so technical. Yeah. And I just went into the room and I was like, I have no idea. Like what I’m talking about.

Jessica Ventura 28:59
It’s intense. Like, so like they had a stage of how it was like the volunteers. One person was the director, one person were like the producers. And like, if you’re a producer, you should be on your phone kind of paying attention, not paying attention, because they want you to, they want it to experience how it is like, these people are casting so many people. So you’re just one of many. And you’ve in that moment, these people can be just like, tired or just like, Whatever. I’m here to like kind of feed. everybody’s like, Hey, I’m here, kind of like how are you? So it’s funny because you just see how nervous when people are nervous. You can sense it. Oh, yeah. You’re like, Oh my God. That’s what I look like, whatever.

Bryan Yang 29:38
And auditioning is so nerve wracking because it’s so unnatural. You’re just like, you feel naked.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Yeah, standing there. Nice. Look at the cameras, right? weirdly like

Bryan Yang 29:48
once you get the job and you’re on set, that’s way less awkward because it’s all set up and it feels real. But auditioning is way harder than like being on set.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Aren’t you bruschetta now?

Bryan Yang 29:59
Yeah. Just make friends with the director and they’ll put you inside. Oh, yeah.

So you’ll be fine. Yeah. Commercial acting to me is that that’s why in my bio but acting in quotes, because it’s not like real acting.

Jessica Ventura 30:13
Yeah. It’s like how you like deliver the tagline,

Bryan Yang 30:16
right? Yeah. And there’s like so much direct direction and I’m not like a real actor, so I’ll just do it however way they tell me like I know some anchors. I know. My character wouldn’t do that. But for me, it’s like I don’t care. I’ll do it. Whatever way.

David Park 30:34
Jess. Which direction should we go? Should we talk about his hair? She talks about love his wine which I know nothing about. But

Bryan Yang 30:44
you do. Oh, you like love it? I mean

Jessica Ventura 30:48
we talk about love it

David Park 30:49
Yeah, I’ll be the person that knows nothing about it other than like, I know like one thing about it. What do you know about it? It’s a reality show with people who are getting set up. It’s like a bachelor type of thing. Yeah. That’s all I know I think but you know chime in

Bryan Yang 31:03
I love Do you watch a lot of reality TV

Jessica Ventura 31:05
I like kinda and kind of not like especially like now like everything’s like the Netflix and Hulu so like my roommates watch like the bachelor, The Bachelorette so I sometimes watch it with him because it’s so ridiculous that but I love it. I kind of love it to

David Park 31:19
see if you don’t care about these shows, and I might not be that into it.

Jessica Ventura 31:25
Yeah, you don’t have to be about love is blind. I just once you’re in your sock. Yeah, like you kind of just want to know what happens.

Bryan Yang 31:32
Right? Because it’s so crazy. It is very crazy. Like there’s a couple who gets engaged three days into the thing.

Jessica Ventura 31:38
Yeah. So

like the premises like so the premise of the show is like these people that you have a group of man you have a group of girls that are looking for love and ready for marriage. So what they’re doing is like,

David Park 31:51
you get married and

Jessica Ventura 31:52
ready to get married. They’re looking for marriage. And so what they do they put them in these like pods where it’s like a wall in between and you’re dating someone but you don’t Know what they look like? Only like have questions right? And so and then so you’re going on these dates which are assuming and then in order to get if you think you’re ready for this person that person proposes and then you can finally see them

David Park 32:16
well it proposes for marriage Yeah, yes.

Jessica Ventura 32:19
And then you finally see them because the whole premises is love really blind right? And so then you finally see that they go

David Park 32:25
on dates not seeing each not seeing like a wall like a wall

Bryan Yang 32:28
they’re just like talking for hours and hours

Jessica Ventura 32:31
while drinking they’re

David Park 32:34
like this is a ridiculous joke. It was like cuz there’s obviously still has to be a physical attraction.

Jessica Ventura 32:40
Love line or is there like so then ridiculous. each other? Yeah. And they like, are they gonna like

give him like a little mini honeymoon. And then they’d like move in together to see what it is and then like in a month they have to get married.

Bryan Yang 32:56
30 Yeah, like 34 days total is this. It? They call it the experiment

David Park 33:00
my parents can’t find about the show they want me to get married more than they

Unknown Speaker 33:07
usually God season Well honestly

Bryan Yang 33:08
Asians don’t do that well on reality show I will be kicked off and on the bachelorette whenever they have Asian guys they last like one day and then even the eight don’t the Asian women Asian women don’t last very long either which is surprised Yeah. Like all like it’s why it’s very black and white.

David Park 33:31
What I’m surprised with the Asian women because usually like in the dating circle, Asian women are but

Bryan Yang 33:36
that’s true. And the upper the ones they pick for the show are usually like, at least this season. Tammy, she kind of like crazy and very mean wait Tami’s an Asian woman on like the bachelor one yeah shows. She would she like went everyone It was pretty wild. She like an Asian Tiger mom

David Park 33:57
type or like it was more just She knew like a

Bryan Yang 34:03
martial arts. He was very like intense god it’s like so scared. Yeah. Oh man, she just had like a chip on her shoulder. She’s so honest, you know, he booted like right out of the gate she would just go out everyone It was crazy she was just like you’re an alcoholic you’re fake like she was just call it run out right? Oh yeah, it was wild.

David Park 34:24
I don’t mind that.

Bryan Yang 34:26
You can tell in real life guys really like crazy though. In real life but for the show you forget like the another aspect of the show is you need to be friends with it’s weird you’re friends with a girl alliances? Yeah, but you’re all dating the one guy but the girls that last are also the nice girls who don’t ruffle feathers. And she was just like, I’m not here for friends. She straight up said that I’m here to like be with Peter the guy. So she would just destroy all the other girls and then they would all tell Peter like she’s crazy. And so he kicked her off.

Jessica Ventura 34:57
But also like you have there has to be like a little bit of craziness, like that puts drama because they want to cry.

Bryan Yang 35:04
It can’t just be like, oh, everyone gets along.

David Park 35:07
Sounds like I can’t believe we’re talking about this now, but she sounds like the type. She didn’t really care about the dude. She just wants to win, right? Yeah, probably. Yeah,

Bryan Yang 35:14
I don’t think they had chemistry at all. She she’s like competitive.

David Park 35:18
Yeah, she just like wanted to win the dude. But wait, let’s go back to this love is blind. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:23
so people will watch the circle. Now I did it. So

Bryan Yang 35:28
the circle came out first. And I think Netflix was really smart. Like that was a show, like Big Brother, where everyone lives in a house but also you didn’t see anyone. So everyone formed friendships without seeing each other. And then a few months later, they came up with love is blind which is like similar concept. We’re like, okay, we gave you guys a circle so you get the concept.

David Park 35:50
a whole nother Yeah,

Bryan Yang 35:51
it’s like now these who are getting married.

Jessica Ventura 35:54
I thought it was crazy. I loved it. I loved it. It was it was just so nuts and

David Park 35:58
wait, people get married. You spoil it. Like to

Unknown Speaker 36:02
Yeah, to got married and how many people?

Bryan Yang 36:05
I think at the beginning there’s like 50 people. Some people didn’t Yeah, we don’t even get on to the next but like, yeah couples wise that like get weddings. I think there were like five and then two out of the five. Like everyone made it to the wedding. Some people just said no at the altar.

Jessica Ventura 36:22
Yeah, I think you know what I thought about that is like, I wonder if there was in the class that you had to write to the office?

Bryan Yang 36:27
I would if I was in that situation. situation, I’d say no way earlier. Yeah, there was this girl Jessica. Oh, the word was like not attracted to her guy the whole time? Uh huh. She’s like, he’s too small. Like he’s not a guy I would ever day and she was actually attracted to another guy on the show. And she got drunk. He was like, he’s so hot.

Jessica Ventura 36:49
so bad. So like she she was dating in the pods like where she couldn’t see anybody these two guys and his name was Mark. Right and Barack

Bryan Yang 36:58
Was it a little guy Barnett was the hot guys. Yeah,

Jessica Ventura 37:00
but she hasn’t seen them right. And she had a connection with both of them except Mark was 24. And Barnett was like, maybe like 27 or 28. So like, she was 34. And she had a connection with both of these guys and she picked the younger

David Park 37:17
less attractive guy.

Jessica Ventura 37:19
Younger shorter guy. Okay, but at the end like I think she got like, she picked that guy. She saw him I don’t think she was physically attractive,

Bryan Yang 37:28
but she’s like, I usually don’t go out for guys that look like this. That’s Yeah,

David Park 37:32
yeah. So that’s

Jessica Ventura 37:34
the whole couples me. Like you like the couples that like meted out? Yeah. Then you see who like you were talking to that the whole time, the whole time. And then she sees that she had talked to Barnett before.

Bryan Yang 37:45
Oh, that’s like the

Jessica Ventura 37:46
guy, the guy. And I didn’t pick him or like, technically he didn’t pick me. So like, she was a little hurt. So she’s fucked up. And then he’s like, like Mark. Mark was like trying to like hold her. Yeah.

Bryan Yang 38:00
Or a guy’s like, being overly affectionate because you can tell he’s like marking his territory.

David Park 38:07

Bryan Yang 38:08
cuz he got very possessive once you Barnett Yeah. And then she got drunk and she was like, Barnett’s fucking hot, sexy. And then mark was so scared to lose Jessica. He was just like, okay you’re drawn like he just yes forgave her he

Jessica Ventura 38:25

Unknown Speaker 38:29
This is not happening, man.

Bryan Yang 38:32
So they made it all the way to the wedding. And Mark so happy because it’s the love of his life. And she’s just like, I can’t do it.

David Park 38:39
What I mean, I feel bad for the guy, but what the hell is he doing?

Jessica Ventura 38:44
Exactly? Yes. So nice. so optimistic. I would have been like, no

Bryan Yang 38:49
problem that he was so young that I think he was just like naive. Yeah, he was. He thought he was like, No.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Yeah, he needed this girl again.

Bryan Yang 39:00
He needed that to happen.

David Park 39:02
I mean, that also sucks to be like it’s I don’t know what to call I was gonna call it national TV but you’re on a giant Netflix show and someone’s basically saying like it’s personalities nice but I’m not attracted to that so many times so

Unknown Speaker 39:16
many times that’s

Bryan Yang 39:18
shitty that sucks. He is physically unattractive

David Park 39:22
and compatible. Physically think about this now Who is she trying to say that maybe nicer but it

Bryan Yang 39:31
is worse than saying I’m not attractive.

Jessica Ventura 39:38
Like I’m not attractive. Yeah,

Bryan Yang 39:39
you’re physically incompatible. I’d be like that is so much darker. Yeah, you’re not attract just say you’re not attracted to

Jessica Ventura 39:46
now. He’s always crazy. And then like, oh, who was the other couple that? I was trying to think?

Bryan Yang 39:53
Well, there was um, the like the boring white couple who I thought would totally get married. I was surprised So I think it was the same situation as Jessica and Mark,

Jessica Ventura 40:04
but they were lovey dovey the whole

Bryan Yang 40:06
time, but she just hit it until the wedding. Yeah. And then the day of the wedding, she’s also like, I’m not attracted to him at all. And then she just dropped he she left and it was like, what they seemed like they were gonna be Yeah, super tired.

Jessica Ventura 40:19
We’re really boring. Like, we’re like, I was like, Who is this again?

Bryan Yang 40:21
They never fought. They never had any drama. Yeah. And then the day of the wedding, she’s just like, Yeah, he’s not doing it for me.

David Park 40:27
Wow. Do they have interracial couples at all? Yes, there was one.

Bryan Yang 40:32
Did they? Yeah, they got they were the best couple

David Park 40:34
they were the best. Interested Yeah, really where the basketball pretty interesting. Cuz like, what happens if you get set with someone and then there are people that like won’t, let’s say date outside the race, like

Bryan Yang 40:47
well, the interesting thing is this guy’s ex was also black. Yeah. So he had a type which was so interesting, because he could still find his type through the wall through the wall. Yeah, it was pretty interesting. And it was funny because he was Like a white rapper in college? Oh, he’s like, Yeah, he’s like, Yeah, but they were the best couple. He really understood where she came from. I liked them. I

Jessica Ventura 41:12
really liked them, too. They were really good couple.

The other one that was my favorite one was Gigi though she’s the best. She’s the best. I love her cuz she’s so crazy. I was

Bryan Yang 41:22
crazy to have her own show. Like just doing anything. She’s the greatest.

Jessica Ventura 41:27
So there was this couple and it was like she’s, I guess she’s Spanish. Like she’s like the widest managed girl. Yeah.

Bryan Yang 41:34
Something organic. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 41:37
And you kind of can’t tell like if you look at her that she’s Spanish, but she’s fully Spanish, but they were getting into fights. And she I think she was what like, What did she say? She was like, I don’t get butterflies. Or she’s like sobbing in the kitchen. She’s

Bryan Yang 41:51
like, she just said whatever was on her mind. Yeah, she didn’t care and the guy was like a very reserved white guy. And you can tell he had never been in a relationship like Yeah. And she she would just like, verbally beat him up. Yeah. And like, handle her. It was pretty wild. Yeah. Well into it though. No, no, he was actually the one who said no at the end. Yeah. But I think that was for the best.

David Park 42:17
Yeah, sure. Is it like at the end someone? They say both yes or no at the same time. It’s like one of those

Jessica Ventura 42:24
vows is like, you know, like,

Bryan Yang 42:26
yeah, they say your vows. And then they say, like, do you take this? And then that’s when you do it, which is crazy, because in that one, it Gigi and Damian both said their vows. So you’re like, oh, they’re getting married. Yeah. And then the priests asked him, Do you take her to be your wife? And he said, No. After he gave his vows, I was like,

rights vows and they weren’t the traditional vows. He wrote his own. Yeah, said no.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. You have to watch it.

David Park 42:57
It’s not I’m not gonna lie.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Watching that I know enough like I

Bryan Yang 43:02
Well, you have because tomorrow is the reunion and I cannot wait I’m so

Jessica Ventura 43:07

Bryan Yang 43:10
I love trash TV. It’s my favorite. Why not? It’s so good.

Jessica Ventura 43:14
I try to think what other trash TV show so you like,

Bryan Yang 43:18
um, I’ll watch any reality show Really? I even like the stuff on Bravo million dollar listing. Oh yeah, that’s like so interesting to me. Just like people selling apartments. Every episode is the same. It’s completely fake, right? Every episode is like we’re not gonna sell this apartment. And then they sell it

Jessica Ventura 43:34
every sale tune in. I like to be in and I’m like, Oh my god, I live around the corner. I will never be able to afford

David Park 43:41
Yes, that’s

Bryan Yang 43:42
the cool thing about the New York one is like you’ll Oh, I know where that building. Yeah, it’s like oh, yeah, it’s $3 million. Or, or when someone knocks down a wall to make the whole floor their apartment. That’s fucking crazy. And the elevator goes right into their apartment.

David Park 44:00
Those are crazy. Those are the people that the elevator you open it and you’re gonna go no hallway yours. Yep in their apartment. Yeah

Bryan Yang 44:07
cuz some of those used to be like four units and then they buy the whole full hour

David Park 44:11
that makes a

Bryan Yang 44:12
knock down all the walls I’m like dude that’s like sickening amounts of money.

David Park 44:16
Yeah New York did pull that it’s like one thing if you’re like in the burbs of like,

Bryan Yang 44:21
yeah you can

David Park 44:22
anyone can pick me Yeah. New York is a whole nother level. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 44:26
So you watch Love is blind? Did you do watch it with your wife cuz you’re married? Yes.

Bryan Yang 44:31
Yeah, we watch a lot of we’re watching a new one. You’ll probably like it dating my ex. Oh, look that up. Okay, yeah, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:41
it’s like already a lot of

Bryan Yang 44:43
dating. We just started it. So but it’s already amazing. So put that in your key. Okay. Yeah, but yeah, we watch all these shows together. Love

Jessica Ventura 44:50
it. I love it. And your wife is not a comedian right now. She’s a nurse. Yeah.

Bryan Yang 44:53
All right. Yeah. How’d you guys meet? We met in high school actually. Okay, we were friends in high school. And then after I flunked out, I moved back home. She was still going to college, but lost her apartment. So moved home and commuted to school. Wow. So we moved back to her hometown, when we were 18. And then we started hanging out again. And then we started dating. When we were like, 21. And then yeah, we’ve been together ever since.

Jessica Ventura 45:21
Wow. That’s amazing. So you guys have grown together? Because

Bryan Yang 45:24
we straight up half. Yeah, we were like, kids, teenagers and then young adults, and now we’re both 31. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:33
I don’t know what that is. I guess adults. I don’t know. I don’t I don’t I don’t want to say I’m an adult. I don’t know. Oh, yeah. I don’t know. Like, I don’t like

Jessica Ventura 45:41

Bryan Yang 45:42
Yeah. married for three years. But like, we don’t really want kids. We have dogs, but we’re like, yeah, we’re adults, I guess.

David Park 45:52

Bryan Yang 45:53
technically, yeah. Ah,

Jessica Ventura 45:54
yeah. I thought we stopped your ID. So I was like, Alright, he’s married and you Talk about her in your state. Yeah,

Bryan Yang 46:01

David Park 46:02
She get mad at that. Are she okay with that

Bryan Yang 46:04
she’s totally fine because she’s known me since ever since I started. So I know a lot of comedians who start dating people, you know, who meet them as comedians. And it’s like, it’s hard to date comics is our schedules are bad and like, we you know, we don’t make a lot of money at first and you’re auditioning for so like it’s not a very set schedule. like you’d be both working on five. That’s great. Right? Because then you get home at the same time you have dinner together, like tonight like I’m not home and she’ll be home. Like most of the time, I’m leaving as she’s getting back because shows her late at night. But she totally gets I’ve missed her birthday like many years. She gets it. So Jan pletely understands like, what it is to be a comedian and I’m supportive of her. She’s in school at Columbia right now to get her done. After in nursing, so, like we both like that we’re both independent. And I think that works for us.

Jessica Ventura 47:06
Yeah. So is that like, so it’s like your biggest advice for like, a really strong obviously great relationship.

Bryan Yang 47:12
Yeah. I mean, especially,

Jessica Ventura 47:15
especially in this world with like, social media, all the stuff that goes up, you know, like Jason it options with,

Bryan Yang 47:22
like the is kind of cliche. Yeah, but it’s like, the strongest thing to have is communication. Just like talk about everything and be open. I think that’s the best thing that we’ve learned being together for so long. And then like, yeah, you can’t be I know some people are probably like jealous or want to spend a lot of time together. Yeah, that’s totally understandable. But also you have to respect like, that’s a whole nother human being. They need their space. They have their own goals and stuff. Like that’s something I find attractive about her is that she doesn’t need you just go off Do her own thing that’s cool to me. Yeah. And that’s the same for me. Like, I have my own thing that I want to do too. And like, we come together as a couple, and I think that’s awesome. But we can also act individually. And I think that’s, you know, sometimes you see couples and like, it’s too toxic because it’s so toxic. Yeah, they’re codependent almost. Yeah, I think that’s hard to sustain for a long time.

David Park 48:26
Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Um, more Instagram stalking. To ask you about this one. This is my favorite.

Wrestling for

Bryan Yang 48:37
my wrestling photo. Yeah, that’s eighth grade. So amazing. It’s pretty great. Yeah, that’s back in Sacramento. So I think American flag me I know that’s, that’s totally the year 2000. I’m thinking Yeah, great. You’re on the wrestling

David Park 48:55

Bryan Yang 48:56
Yeah, so I love I still love professional wrestling. Yeah. It in that era that’s when it’s like Stone Cold Steve Austin, like the heyday of pro wrestling. I sound like I’m gonna join the wrestling team, which is not like pro wrestling. I really like amateur wrestling is real.

David Park 49:15
Like, it’s really

Bryan Yang 49:16
a tie here. It’s probably the most demanding sport you can do, because that’s super early. It’s really really unhealthy. You feel like cut weight cutting weight, and I wasn’t good.

David Park 49:31
No, way. This guy.

Bryan Yang 49:34
This guy wasn’t good at wrestling.

David Park 49:35
Wait, did you were you

Bryan Yang 49:39
wearing glasses? Yeah, dude, look at that picture. It’s like that’s a guy who got his ass kicked in every match

Jessica Ventura 49:45
makes you look like you’re ready or like I’m here. Whatever.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Yeah, look seriously like hilarious,

Bryan Yang 49:50
dude. I was smiling. And like, Whoa, she goes stop smiling. I remember. You don’t smile in your pictures like Oh fuck,

David Park 49:57
so was it one year and done one year and

Bryan Yang 49:59
I was Like, dude, I was the Canadian on the team. I suck, but I made everyone laugh. Like that’s that’s how I always was on teams. But yeah, I don’t know, I didn’t take off my glasses. So I only won one match all season one I won one match. Yeah, and I was pretty big for my age, but I didn’t have strength yet. So I think I was wrestling at 125 and I probably should have if I was more serious, I probably should have cut weight to get down to like 115 so I could have wrestled weaker people and one physically bigger but I was just at my real weight at 125 in middle school 125 kids were the captains of the team everyone else were the captains of the their schools team and they were like shredded. Look at that guy. Look at that. And it said boy, yeah weekend, getting my ass kicked, just twisted into a pretzel by like guys who already had hair on their chest, just like Dude, I remember one time, this guy picked me up and slammed me so hard. I like got the wind knocked out of me. And then he pinned me and I couldn’t do anything. And that’s like, you feel so vulnerable, because it’s like, Dude, this guy could kill me. I couldn’t, I couldn’t do anything to. It was insane. He was so strong and they felt helpless. And like, I’m so bad. He beat me so fast.

Jessica Ventura 51:24
At least you made it through a season though. Like,

Bryan Yang 51:26
yeah, I was good that I did it and like, Yeah, I know. Like, some moves.

David Park 51:32
Where you’re where your parents going to any of these? Yeah,

Bryan Yang 51:35
my parents went to a lot, Mike because wrestling is not like basketball, or baseball where it’s like, you know, usually at night in. There’s like a bus for the team. Wrestling is like always early early early in the morning on Saturdays, and it’s all day. So yeah, so my dad would wake up at four in the morning on Saturday. And take me to all my means. Yeah, data in there far away too. Because, yeah, there’s tournaments. So you have to go somewhere far away where all the schools come in wrestle all day. It’s horrible. It’s a horrible. I don’t know. Like, how, like some people do it from age five, all the way to the Olympics. So their entire Yeah,

David Park 52:24
they always talk about like, physically demanding, it is so dumb and like, whatever. Like the entertainment wrestling is actually very physically demanding. It’s not it’s not real, right where this like, someone is trying to, you know, hurt you to some degree right there. Right.

Bryan Yang 52:41
It’s make you submit. Yeah, sure. Yeah, exactly. Um, so it does give me an appreciation of martial arts and self defense. And, man, when you wrestle you figure out how long three minutes really is, is the rounds. It’s in middle school. I think it’s only three Three Minute rounds in three minutes is an eternity to fight someone it’s fucked up in three minutes like when you’re waiting for a train, it’s like oh, it’ll be here right away. Dude when you’re like wrestling I got you get so fucking tired. It’s Yeah, it’s horrible. It’s so funny, but I’m glad I did it like I’ll get I look at that singlet

David Park 53:18
like that was great. Yeah When we I was scrolling we were struggling through. I think this is the lawn we have to do this. Like ridiculous one it’s great.

Bryan Yang 53:27
I won one match. Oh also, because I wasn’t good but I was big. So I was just like the coaches knew, like, they couldn’t waste like a good wrestler on me in practice. So I was like the one we had two girls on the team. They were like the girls like just let them do moves.

sicker up though, Alexa on her team. She was actually better than me at her weight. She beat a lot of boys. Yeah.

David Park 53:58
Okay. That’s crazy.

Bryan Yang 54:00
But you know I was good to have on a team I was funny and they liked having me around.

Jessica Ventura 54:05
Very go comedy

Bryan Yang 54:07
every Yeah, every team I was on I was like, you know have to have in the season awards. Yeah, always when most inspiration. You’re like the Rudy of the wrestling team, the heart of the team, and I wasn’t easy helping us win, but I was good for the Bye Bye. Bye.

David Park 54:25
So wait, you had a set last night though?

Bryan Yang 54:26
Yeah, Stan. pataga. It was fun I had to the show is called beef and broccoli. So you tell. There’s four comedians who tell stories and one story is a lie in an audience has to figure out which one is a lie. So I had to tell a fake story.

David Park 54:42
What’s that to do with beef and broccoli though? I have no idea.

Bryan Yang 54:45
Okay, that’s just the name of the show. Okay, cool. comedy show just have weird names. Gotcha. Yeah, but it was really fun.

David Park 54:51
Have you done that before? No.

Bryan Yang 54:52
So it’s only the second show they’ve had with that setup. So let’s go like

Jessica Ventura 54:57
that cuz it’s more interactive.

Bryan Yang 54:59
Yeah. At the end The audience could ask us questions about our story so they could figure out which one is lie. And there was one drunk guy. He was like, so aggressive. He was named his name with a club. You were like, Whoa, are you so angry? Like, this is crazy. He’s asked me Yeah, but they figured out I was a liar. Because my story, like my story was way too crazy. Ah, and then three other guys real stories because they weren’t real. We’re just like, normal stories. They’re gonna find it out. Yeah, I mean, mine too. Nuts. That’s so funny. That’s a

David Park 55:31
cool concept. I definitely like that.

Bryan Yang 55:32
Yeah, I think they’ll do it every month. So my friend Gaster runs it. Check it out.

David Park 55:37
Okay, that’s awesome. Yeah, check that out, or he’s down to find new stuff, a

Jessica Ventura 55:42
lot of like hecklers or anything like that.

Bryan Yang 55:45
I’m not any more like, people are pretty good. Like people’s comedy IQ in New York, especially is pretty good. People don’t really Heckle that much, probably more on the road. People well, especially if you’re doing a more intimate Like a bar. Yeah, something like that, where people aren’t really in like a show setting, they feel like you’re there to entertain them. Then they’ll get a little more brave and start saying stuff and also like, now being 14 years in, I’ve experienced like every form of heckling. Like I’ve been attacked on stage, like, twice. So now like if someone says something, I was like, I’m good. That’s nothing, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Early on this woman, this drunk woman ran on stage and had to pick up the mic stand like this. And blocked her. Yeah. And like, just, it’s high. So she was drunk. And then security threw her out and she stayed the whole show. outside and waited, waited, waited for me

Unknown Speaker 56:47
waited for you. Yes.

Bryan Yang 56:48
And I came out. And I was like, why did you do that? And she was like, a little more sober now. And she goes, I just wanted to tell you that my husband is stationed in Japan. And I was like, What? Like, cuz I’m Asian. That’s all. That’s it. That’s all that that was your explanation. It was like this is so it was like Okay, I’m gonna leave now. It was so weird. I think she was drunk. So her brain was all messed up but like, it was so weird.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Yeah, that is so weird. Like she’s like I had to tell ya.

Bryan Yang 57:20
She ran onto the stage. It was bonkers. And then, right before I moved to New York, I did a show where the guy who books the show was like this. He had to be like 300 400 pound Tongan guy. And he was actually cool. Like I had done a lot of shows with him. But he, the host of the show was late. So he the Booker had to host a show and he wasn’t a comedian. So he was really nervous. And he got really drunk and he’s a big guy, so he had a lot to drink. So during my set, because he knew me Well, he starts heckling me. Then he runs on the stage and he’s like, big. He’s huge. He grabbed me and threw me off the stage. And then I

Unknown Speaker 58:07
like, you’re like, I’m back at wrestling.

Bryan Yang 58:08

He threw me off the stage, right? I land. And then he’s so drunk. And it’s not like a very steady state shows just like in a bar. He fell face first through two tables. And then someone recorded this whole thing on their phone and sent it to the news and it made it onto the news. They’re like, comedy Booker, like causes ruckus at bar. Yeah. It was like, not it’s not to me, it wasn’t really a story because it’s like, someone just got drunk, but I guess it’s sorry. It’s I don’t know. They were trying to go viral anymore. No, after that. It’s like, dude, if someone yells I’m gonna just say something. And, like, the longer you stand it, the more you realize like no one in the audience, especially if they’re drunk is going to say anything. funnier than I can say, you know, I mean, and the people who don’t usually talk are people who are like, Oh, I could do comedy. It looks so easy. Like, those are the dumbest. Smart people just sit and watch. They never, you know. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 59:16
I had a really weird, okay, so I went to a comedy show. And we went with like, friends, I went friends and then like, friends of friends. And one of our friends girlfriends. I don’t know she was wrong. I just think like this. She just is this person. And I

Bryan Yang 59:31
know exactly the type of person you’re

David Park 59:32
talking. You already might know. It’s about to come.

Jessica Ventura 59:35
Yeah, it is like, but I didn’t expect this over at the Oh, my goodness. Where, anyway, so it was like a show on a Sunday. I can’t remember it was comedies. Whereas we’re all like, what’s the street? We’re all like the

David Park 59:50
the West Village or the West fellows.

Bryan Yang 59:51
Yeah, for the cellar.

Jessica Ventura 59:53
Yeah. So a comedy cellar in a Sunday and we’re there and it’s it’s pretty intimate in the basement. So she was coming. Wow, like just like, you know, they’re serving food and she’s like, oh, the chicken tenders are here. And I’m like, that’s like and I was sitting like right over here.

Bryan Yang 1:00:07
She’s a friend of a friend.

David Park 1:00:08
Yeah, she’s, she’s a friend’s girl. Oh, yeah. Friends of a friend girl stores. You know,

Jessica Ventura 1:00:13
the last comedian goes up and he goes, he’s talking about Have you guys heard about like, Where’s Waldo? You know? Remember? Where’s Waldo. And she goes, it’s not Waldo. It’s only once Yes. She’s from Australia. Yes, no. And apparently so. The guy like, Here’s her because she’s loud, right boy? And he goes, Okay, Waldo Wally, whatever you want to call it? And she’s like, no, it’s Wally. So she keeps like, she just can’t let it go. So I mean, the comedian’s is like, you know, pretty much trying to ignore He’s like, trying to acknowledge it too, as well. And he’s like, all right, like Calm down, like whatever you want to call it. We’re gonna call it right She just won’t let it go. She won’t stop talking about it. And then he finally was like, he kind of was like kind of shutting her down. He was getting annoyed. And he’s like, you’re kind of like the most annoying friend and the friend group right now. Like, that’s amazing. Yes. She still didn’t get it right. Like she kept going. She’s laughing at this point. I’m like, you’re getting roasted here. Right? But she just kept going. The community was just like, Alright guys have a good night like yeah, here the final joke because of her

Bryan Yang 1:01:27
those he will never understand. I they never get like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
I just was like,

Jessica Ventura 1:01:32
Oh, I was like mortified. I was like, does anybody tell her like, kind of Ruin?

David Park 1:01:37
was a big comedian too, wasn’t it? Um, what’s his face on SNL? chris chris read. Oh.

There’s so I mean, I wasn’t there. But you told me. Jeez,

Jessica Ventura 1:01:50
you ever see this? I apologize.

Bryan Yang 1:02:00
All those people too sometimes they’ll come up to you and be like, did I help you? I made the show better. It’s like you never know. Like, you just what the comedians want is just everyone be quiet and then laugh. Yeah. You can never help a comedian because we write all this material, like by ourselves. We don’t need like, an extra hand. Yeah.

David Park 1:02:21
That’s so funny. Yeah, you gotta be like an extra. I don’t know. Like, I know that person to be that person. Yeah, I

Bryan Yang 1:02:28
know. Right? That sucks for like the friend cuz now he has the girlfriend. You can’t take it.

David Park 1:02:33
Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
No, I think he like knows. And that’s the thing.

Bryan Yang 1:02:38
I love his mind.

He doesn’t realize

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
people like backup boyfriends like

Bryan Yang 1:02:50
she really just speaks her mind, you know?

Jessica Ventura 1:02:54
To speak your mind.

Bryan Yang 1:02:55
Yeah, that’s right. He’s like, I like how confident she is. It’s like actually, she’s very annoying. Yeah, we don’t want to be seen with you do anymore. Yeah, so basically, I’ve experienced like, every form of heckling. Like, it is super scary when you’re new and you don’t know how to deal with it, but then it’s just like, you just get hardened and then you learn how to do it.

Jessica Ventura 1:03:17
Yeah. I feel like outside of New York, it’s probably worse. Like you said,

Bryan Yang 1:03:20
100% Yeah, New Yorkers are so good. Like, they’re generally everyone here goes to shows whether it’s music or Broadway. or stand up like people just know how to act here. So that’s great. It’s when you start going out to like, kinetic Yeah, Pennsylvania, where people are kind of like Alright,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
this is my Saturday. exact time to shine, right?

Bryan Yang 1:03:44
Yeah, they get a little too drunk. They get a little too like cozy with you. So yeah.

David Park 1:03:51
Well, thank you so much.

Yes, hello. Yeah, shoot awesome plugs. What do you want?

Bryan Yang 1:03:56
Oh, yeah, this um, subscribe to my podcast I talked about What’s eating you? That’s the only real plug my website to Brian Yang calm. You can find my social media there and my show dates. And the podcast is there too. So that’s it.

Jessica Ventura 1:04:09
You’re awesome at Twitter, by the way. Oh, thank you. Yeah, our Twitter is awesome.

Bryan Yang 1:04:13
Yeah, I money. Thank you so much. I just tweet whatever’s on my mind. I lost so many followers today because I can’t stop tweeting about Bernie but

Jessica Ventura 1:04:24
I mean, it’s a sad,

Bryan Yang 1:04:25
it is sad. Yeah,

David Park 1:04:26
pretty sad. I that’s I felt like a lot of your followers would probably be like,

Bryan Yang 1:04:32
I think my followers are split between Bernie and Warren. And the Warren people are feeling some type of way right

Jessica Ventura 1:04:37
now. Yeah. So they’re taking it out. Yeah.

Bryan Yang 1:04:39
Yeah, it’s not doing too. Everybody’s

Jessica Ventura 1:04:41
just lashing out. Yeah. And there’s no other way to do it. Besides, I guess social media. Like

pent up all this energy. I’m gonna take it.

David Park 1:04:50
Well, I think it being an election year with the Coronavirus right now is there’s so much

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56

Jessica Ventura 1:04:57
we start like the first two months of the year just feel like a library. Dude,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
I know

Bryan Yang 1:05:03
January felt like 10 years 10 years so many bad so much shit. Dude all Australia burned down. Oh yeah

years ago that was two months ago. Oh my god

Jessica Ventura 1:05:16
I was like I was wonder I was like it’s on and use anymore is still on fire. Oh there’s a tornado this past week like, yeah,

Bryan Yang 1:05:24
the fire is out but like now they’re trying to like bring the animals back like help them recover and rebuild but yeah that was just in January. Yeah this year it’s been fun.

Jessica Ventura 1:05:34
It’s been it’s been like yeah it’s been kind of a roller coaster Yeah, just mostly downs

you can’t catch a break, you know, we’re like, you’re just like,

Bryan Yang 1:05:46
boom, boom No, Trump’s gonna get reelected and it’s just gonna be like, Oh wow, what a year.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
What are we getting over a decade?

Bryan Yang 1:05:56
Yeah, so please follow me on Twitter. Yeah,

Jessica Ventura 1:05:58
absolutely. We need more here. To our followers, come on, and he’s gonna add some more charity your data. Well, thank you so much,

Bryan Yang 1:06:07

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