Pranav Behari Interview

Pranav Behari Interview “Micro Purses, Mango Bae, Using Comedy to Escape Trouble” | Episode 2

We recorded our second episode at the end of January, so it’s taken a while to get this up. Looking back it’s interesting hearing us talk about things as this was before the pandemic was a big worry for most people in the U.S.

Our guest Pranav Behari brought the energy out of the gate and you can hear that in the first 5 seconds of the podcast. Jess and I were a little less nervous this time around, so hopefully you notice the slight improvement. Check out the pod in your favorite format below and subscribe if you’re into it!

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NOTE: An automated transcript of the interview can be found below. It’s currently unedited so there are parts that won’t exactly match the podcast.

Pranav Behari 0:00
Check, check, check one two mango Bay mango Bay. Okay. Sham promotion.

David Park 0:07
I love it. He’s already promoted. We just started out

Pranav Behari 0:10
of Bay. This is it. This is the love. This is the love right here, man. That’s what we do. So we fuckin love doing it. So we’re always promoting it. It’s awesome.

David Park 0:17
Yeah, so this is actually episode tactically two.

Jessica Ventura 0:21
Yeah, so Episode Two.

lucky number two. lucky number two here we go.

Pranav Behari 0:27
So I always had a great idea of like when swine flu was a big thing of making drum masks that had like a little pig nose coming out. I thought that would be a hit. You know, but I’m not I’m not a product guy.

Jessica Ventura 0:37
I do have to say I do believe like really like high end designers have like high end mass because like, Is it a thing? Yeah, it’s a thing.

Pranav Behari 0:46
I once saw a Louis Vuitton gas mask. Okay, yeah, it is a thing like for golf rich golf Arabs or something?

David Park 0:52
Yeah. Well, it’s Yeah, you see, like Louis Vuitton like everything.

Jessica Ventura 0:56
Yeah, I think I’m pretty I’m pretty sure

David Park 0:58
you own any now. No I don’t I don’t I’m the fake stuff.

Jessica Ventura 1:02
No, no. Oh Louie like, like a girl or something. I mean, I this is really bad I did like as a child because I grew a child. Like I think my first birthday firstly was on bag was like in seventh grade. And that’s because I went to like a really ritzy school. And everybody had it and my poor mother, I wasn’t rich. I know. I was not rich. But that was like mom was like everybody’s wearing this like Louis Vuitton bag and my poor mother, like went out and bought the smallest little tiny bag so I wouldn’t be left out. I still have it because I’m like, Oh, it’s my first Louie. And it’s, I don’t know, as I got older, I was like, I

don’t want to spend that much money, but you do. I have

Pranav Behari 1:43
a Louis Vuitton flashlight. It’s pretty.

David Park 1:53
What about me dated a woman that’s into that stuff?

Pranav Behari 1:56
Yeah, yeah, actually, my old my last girlfriend was like Fendi ever thing that amante you know, she was really into high fashion did she expect

David Park 2:04
that of you? Did you have to match? Oh, that guy that’s fine. Like that’s kind of ideal like someone that has like high end tastes but doesn’t like expect out of you.

Pranav Behari 2:15
She just you know, she was into that stuff she she used to have like a lot of like really expensive handbags, like a collection of really nice handbags. And she was the first person to have like a micro purse. She was like the first civilian out there. We walked out and I’m like that is only big enough for cocaine. And you can’t even afford cocaine bitch, right? Like

Jessica Ventura 2:35
That is true. Like what do you put in? your cell phone doesn’t fit like what

do you put in it? I

Pranav Behari 2:40
think it’s just for coke.

Jessica Ventura 2:41
Yeah, I think so. I mean, that’s why all the celebrities are wearing

Pranav Behari 2:44
Exactly. It’s like here’s like, I’m dating another woman who’s also into micro purchases, but she’s not quite as high fashion is that to her micro purses like a little bit more manageable. It’s a good four inches by, you know, five inches or whatever. So, and this is really down to earth. This is someone you’re dating Now this is someone I’m dating now, right? Yeah, so

Jessica Ventura 3:02
dating right? Is it dating late? Let’s

Pranav Behari 3:05
introduce them while we do that, then we’ll get to that in a second how each other

David Park 3:11
Yeah, second guest ever for comedy notice.

Jessica Ventura 3:14
Yes second guess panov

David Park 3:17

Pranav Behari 3:19
Very good x print. Ah ha ha on Instagram, mostly Instagram. You can also go on my Twitter if you’d like wit.

I guess I need some followers but Instagrams

Jessica Ventura 3:30
are hilarious. So yeah, yeah, I like your content.

David Park 3:32
You don’t even see him live though. I saw him live. And I can get the true testimony like hey, out of that show the the hack city show Yoda you’re on fairly early if I remember right. earliest like third, maybe

Pranav Behari 3:46
third or fourth, maybe something like that.

David Park 3:48
Yeah. Do you like well, we gotta go back to the dating but like I’m very curious about this. How do you feel about the position and like when you perform on on stage like the opener is usually the worst. spot right and then the middle is usually kind of the the sweet spot. Sometimes the closer will be the person but kind of married. I mean,

Pranav Behari 4:06
it’s always better to headline it’s like it was funner to headline Yes. You know that’s also where all the glory is right your last in people’s minds. The first spot is is traditionally known as the bullet spot. You know it’s the toughest one because the host should be doing their job of warming up a room. Yeah, getting them ready for it so that when the first comic comes on, they can smash right there. They’re good. But sometimes a host isn’t great. And then the person who’s writing the bullet or biting the bullet rather has to sometimes act a little bit more hasty and maybe do crowd work or whatever I mean, I’m pretty comfortable going anywhere on the lineup. Well, so that’s

David Park 4:43
cool. Yeah. And like

with that set, you remember fairly well like how it went like

Pranav Behari 4:50
the set went, as I recall, it was a killer set. Yeah, it’s really bummed I couldn’t get a good film of it. You know what happened was I got there too late. So everything was set up. I only have a little mini tripod okay. like fuck, I have nowhere to put this little piece of shit with my phone you know and so this woman I know who’s kind of a fan of mine and of our podcast was there and she’s she does videography stuff but she was just there to watch the shirts and pockets and Jade Can you please help me out with this? And she just she stood and held the tripod with my phone on it. Wow, for the SAT. And the problem was though, is that she was laughing too hard during the set. So it shook a lot. So it was like, it’s like, it’s one of those shows where you just want that tape, you know? Yeah. But it was it was a great show, as I recall, it was Yeah, it was it was I think I had the I had the room on pretty much every joke.

David Park 5:38
Yeah, it was it was pretty memorable. Like I I have probably the worst memory in the world, which is really bad because I’ll be like, I remember that person was so funny. And that I don’t actually remember what they talked about. Yeah, but remember, they’re funny or not funny, at least in my opinion. And with yours actually do remember some of your stuff. Yeah, that’s That’s the dream, right? That’s the goal.

Pranav Behari 6:02
Yeah. Stay memorable.

David Park 6:03
Yeah, no, that’s amazing. I think. Well, the two that I remember offhand is when you’re talking to I think it’s like the rep from at&t. And then the other one I’m not going to go into the details of is the spelling bee also those two and like, how, how long have you been working on that as part of like your, your set? Oh,

Pranav Behari 6:22
that one at&t call center joke. That’s been my closer or has been a closer I have a couple different closers now. Okay. probably for about two years. Now. Okay. And the spelling bee joke was pretty recent. Yes. Over the over the summer and summer I came up with that one knife. And those are the kinds of jokes where you immediately think of the concept and then the lines just start stacking on top of them on their own accord because that’s just the energy is really there for it. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s how those jokes came together. There’s other jokes that are like they’re more like workhorses, you know, like you really you know, there’s something very funny in them. But you have to really, really hammer and chisel it out and get it out there but then there’s some that feel like kind of very inspired and the lines four or five lines just come and it’s wall to wall laughs It’s two minutes of laughs and and those are always the ones that feel the best.

David Park 7:16
Yeah, like with those two like the first time you did it, did you think like, Oh, this is like a meat like the first time you did? Did you get that reaction? Yeah,

Pranav Behari 7:25
straight up. That’s how you know what these jokes like? Yeah, I knew from the minute like that call center joke when I wrote it. I remember I was sitting there writing and I wrote one specific line of it and then every other line just pop up like popcorn. I just popped up and I was like, This joke is gonna kill this is gonna be a fucking killer joke. And you take it out to mics, and I only had to do it a few times at open mics before realizing like this is this is done. This is cooked. I mean, now there’s other things that I think about with that joke, right? There’s like, because you don’t ever want to stop and you always want to try and look at every, every thing. 360 you Notre Dame and you want to look at the entire entire object that is that the the concept or the topic? Yeah, in order to get everything that you can out of it. So not none of these jokes are firm are done in that sense. Like I’m sure more lines will be coming to me. And that always happens with jokes. always does. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 8:22
I mean, I’m sad I missed it.

Pranav Behari 8:24
Yeah, I’m sad. You’re

David Park 8:25
talking about make your film. Yeah, seriously.

Pranav Behari 8:29
Did someone had a heart attack? Someone gave birth.

There was a mini outbreak of Coronavirus. It was just everything happened that everything

Jessica Ventura 8:38
happened. Yeah,

Pranav Behari 8:40
there was a terrorist attack. It was really, really messed out.

David Park 8:43
It was it was crazy. It’s unforgivable. Like, I mean, so let’s we’re everywhere with us, which I kind of don’t worry about. But how’d you even get into comedy in the first place? Like what’s the background and I know you’re from like Central, pa to pa

There’s plenty directions we can go. Yeah,

Pranav Behari 9:03
sure. Yeah. I’ve always just been funny. That was always the natural comedy was the thing that got me into trouble and got me out of trouble. You know, so that’s in school. You know what I mean? I’m just always getting into trouble, but I was very liked because it was funny.

David Park 9:17
Okay, you’re

Pranav Behari 9:18
like the funny guy. I was always just really funny among my friends. I was the funny guy. My parents when I was like, five years old at the end of these like Indian parties, and it’s late and they’re all out of there done drinking or whatever. they’d call me out and be like, hey, do an impersonation. Say jack from Wheel of Fortune or whatever, do the commercial invoice or whatever and just come out and do it, you know? Yeah. And I also used to do other stuff then to like, I remember when I was like, when I really understood that I was funny. I was when I was maybe like nine and I had gotten a like recording device. I’d gotten like a boombox type thing. You know

Jessica Ventura 9:55
that when you do the cassette thing? Yeah.

Pranav Behari 10:00
Cuz that thing and I, I used to record myself and I’d be recording myself doing like skits and sketches and it would be like, Oh, this is gonna be like this game show but they’re all wrestlers in it they’re all WWF wrestlers and then I’d just be talking mad weird shit and and we’d all be funny and I learned then like later that year that my brother my older brother and his friends would all be getting stoned and listening these tapes and just dying of laughter No, they were just like this is so funny. And I was like yeah I’m the shit you know the kids liking myself and like hell yeah, you know and, and, you know, when they started giving me like weed and cocaine and

OPERS downer like national keys.

I had a real rough, real rough period. Just kidding. It was all great. None of that actually. The whole some stuff with the tapes and all that and also I grew up in a very became funny because I was able to avoid getting my ass beat by my mom sometimes, you know parental discipline Asian immigrant parent told discipline where your mom or your dad my mom, it was more of a mother thing. Yeah, yeah. That would say with Indians that’s how it is. Ah, moms will come Really? Yeah.

David Park 11:16
Koreans is definitely the dad in jail. Okay.

Pranav Behari 11:19
Yeah, I’ve heard Yeah, I’ve heard that

Jessica Ventura 11:21
that bell. So like, I don’t know, like being Spanish like,

Pranav Behari 11:24
Yeah, okay. Yeah. You got the bell? Yeah. I used to get hands a lot. More of a hands kind of family. hairbrush. hairbrush. hairbrush. But also with Indian moms. Indian moms. It would also be a jumbo which is like a leather sandal. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Or the wooden spoon because, you know, they’re in there cooking up some spicy.

You know? And I remember one time my mom

tried hitting me with a belt and I was like, Wow, my mom is finally an American. Now. Finally. Simulation completes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But it would be wild shit. You know, we’d be like Tom and Jerry. It’d be running around the house.

And I’d get on the bed I just start doing something funny and she’d laugh and she just be like, Fuck, this is stupid. And

David Park 12:07
you know, wow, that’s sick. Like you’ve always used comedy to kind of like defuse situations.

Pranav Behari 12:14
That’s pretty much Hybels process. I think maybe the world or my life. Yeah,

David Park 12:18
that’s cool. Like, grown up. So I have like, very like generalizations about places. I don’t know where I don’t know barely anything about Pennsylvania. That’s better. Is it? Were you like one of the only like, less like, Indians, minorities, where you grew up? Or was it like

Pranav Behari 12:34
it was? It was a small community and Indians there? Because, you know, it is the capital city. So that brings some kind of economic, whatever. And so there was a very small community of Indians. But you know, those aren’t the people you’re spending all your time with. Yeah, anything. You see them once a week on the weekends at a party? Yeah, temple

David Park 12:53
family, for whatever. Yeah,

Pranav Behari 12:54
so otherwise, it was just me out in this white jungle. Yeah. Jungle is white Amish. bunghole and you know, that was the other thing you’re there and how do you process difference you know your own difference and also you have to be able to stand up for yourself and if people are making fun of you bullying Yeah, I’ve got to fucking be able to give it back. And so I was bullied back, you know? And that was that was it and that’s also just how I made friends. You know, funny and, and but it wasn’t growing up, it wasn’t like horrifically racist or anything like that.

David Park 13:25
They were like trying to kill you type of thing, but they were definitely making fun of you,

Pranav Behari 13:29
you know, a little bit here and there. But you know, people knew at a certain age, you know, when I was even like elementary or middle school, like you don’t want to try this kid, you know, he was I was never really tempted. Neither was my brother. My brother was like a pretty athletic guy, who’s like kind of hot so we got a lot of girls and stuff. And so people were just like, Who the fuck are these fucking weird brown Mexicans? Who were kind of Mexicans are these like an Eskimo going on?

This guy’s got game. He’s MVP and sports. He’s class president. He’s

David Park 14:01
pushy and

Pranav Behari 14:02
then there was me he was just like who is this feral creature? Very very bizarre Yeah, but very

Jessica Ventura 14:08
like that. I mean Pharaoh I get that from the outfit too I like it

Pranav Behari 14:11
Yeah, fair roll Farah Farah yeah thank you that I appreciate that man yeah I do feel like a pharaoh I do feel quite regal represent

David Park 14:23

why are you here by the way I like the jewels a big part of yeah I like the jewel you get hit up all the time right about the jewels yeah that’s

Pranav Behari 14:34
this really started as kind of a joke but I like gold you know I wear gold I wear a lot of white jewelry So to me it was a nice little addition the jewel chain

David Park 14:41
I enjoy like he’s got I don’t know if you saw just but he does these reviews. They’re like ridiculous. They’re so ridiculous.

Pranav Behari 14:50
But the jewel chains a good way I did a review of the jewel chain everybody check it out needs more views.

David Park 14:56
Likes more views, more views. Um, wait, why why did you agree to Do this this is like a question that I think will contemplate unless this podcast actually gets it so like, like you get this email from us due process they’re just yeah sure why not or you’re like

Pranav Behari 15:10
well first was your location which is your right near the stand gotcha. And then I was like okay these guys you’re somebody who saw me at a show you saw me kill you had some respect for the craft and you’re not a comedian who’s trying to use this to become a comedian or true right? Yeah. Third is that you seem like pretty sincere about what you guys are doing and you were very professional about it.

David Park 15:35
And keep going. Yeah, you go

Pranav Behari 15:38
about it and like I’m never gonna turn down any chance to promote myself and promote mango a podcast What up? What up?

David Park 15:46
Love it. Yeah, love it. I love it. So

Pranav Behari 15:49
yeah, you guys seem chill so cool.

Jessica Ventura 15:52
Um, I guess here’s my thing. When was the first time you ever did stand up like what age like what was

Pranav Behari 15:59
in March that Four years ago.

Jessica Ventura 16:01
Wait you the first time you ever like got on stage is four years ago or years

David Park 16:05
you’re funny but you didn’t actually decide to get on say for a while

Pranav Behari 16:08
you know what it was I had done other jobs that were like funny like I used to write for Mad Magazine. When I was I was really young. I was like, I was like 19 or 20. And I got a job kind of writing freelance for mad Well, first I got an internship. So like, my parents were okay with that, because my dad had brought mad books from India with him. Mm hmm. And so I grew up reading them and like how should you then go work for mad Fuck you. Okay? Yeah, you don’t forget, don’t worry about law school, then immediately. Don’t worry about them, you know, all these other

David Park 16:35
serious type stuff. Yeah,

Pranav Behari 16:37
he was like, Okay, and then I got a lot of other jobs in like media and like, I was into politics a little bit and stuff like that. And writing was doing like a ton of writing stuff. But I always knew I was like, I this is the thing I really need to do, because this is kind of what’s in line with who I am as a person. And it’s just something I never put away. Every job I’ve ever gotten has been because I’m funny. You know, it’s like No matter what the interview no matter what the job, it could be like heart surgeon I’d go in and just make some jokes and be like alright man, we’d like you to come on in and just try not to kill anyone. Yeah, that’s awesome or whatever. But about three and a half four years ago and I have a joke about this and that set that you heard I give my mama kidney. And after that, I was like, You know what, I want to do some stuff for me. And like, do I want to just do this now because I need to. And so I went and I I googled just open mics, New York say I didn’t know all that different, like sites. There were four open mics, and I just saw one open mic. I was at this comic, this club called the comic strip live sub town on the artery side, very old club. And then I went, just to check out the open mic. And it was, I was just like, I need to do this. I can’t do this. I can do this. And then I went back the next week, and I did it. I tasted blood and I was like, I’m gonna do this every day till I’m dead. Wow. So, yeah, you’re kind of addicted once once you did it I for me, I was like this is this is where I meant to be. Well, you know, at the time I was I was doing a lot of writing stuff and I was like, Well listen, I’m just gonna keep working and doing writing stuff and I’ll just do this as a hobby. Yeah, we’ll just do this like once a week. Yeah. And then I was like, by the third week I was like, I’m never writing anything again. And this is what my life is gonna be. Wow, I was like so by like week three, change my entire life

Jessica Ventura 18:31
into your job. You’re just like, Yeah,

Pranav Behari 18:33
no, that would

be horrendously stupid. Ran because you do not get paid. You don’t get you’re not running out of money, right? Yeah. And most comics don’t at any stage actually. So no, I didn’t quit my job but I quit a relationship I was in

David Park 18:49
just focus your life kind of

Pranav Behari 18:51
like really it’s the the company very definitively pointed in this direction for me and I was just I was started getting booked on shows and stuff pretty quick. Yeah, and I could see that I was

David Park 19:02
you had something that Yeah. And

Pranav Behari 19:08
you also see yourself getting better too, which is the probably the most fun thing about doing it. It’s feeling experiencing the growth. It’s not like I’m just great. It’s like, Oh, I suck a little bit know why I suck a little bit less. And oh, wow, I can do that joke now that I had tried two months ago that I wasn’t able to do and now I can do it. Because I’m somehow better. I’ve got more tools in my box. Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. How much is it? Just kind of like from the the ego aspect of like, the crowd paying attention. Yeah, making them laugh kind of thing. Like, is that like, I would assume that’s like a big part of it. Yeah. I mean, that’s like, that’s the rush. Yeah, that is like that’s where the and it’s it’s an ego thing, but it’s also like a connection thing, you know, and it’s also a thing where like, you feel like, oh, wow, this person who I am actually now is I’m breaking the barrier of my own subjectivity. Right to penetrate other people’s subjectivity, bring everyone together in one thing, and we’re all having A fucking really great time with it, you know? Yeah, it’s like the very fun thing to do you just having a fucking good time.

David Park 20:06
Awesome. What about the OP? How do you feel about? Well I’ve two questions around the subject of bombing on stage right? Where does everyone bomb at some point? Is that worse? Yeah, you don’t have to

Pranav Behari 20:19
have to for any number of reasons you’re always gonna buy like

David Park 20:23
even like whoever you think is like the greatest comedian of all time at some point probably bombed right? Of course.

Pranav Behari 20:27
Yeah, of course. They couldn’t be the greatest if they didn’t bomb

David Park 20:30
the bomb. Yeah. And then I guess the flip side to that, which I’m curious about is when the first time you bombed like how like, like, for me, that’d be like a shitty feeling.

Pranav Behari 20:40
Yeah, well, it’s rough, you know? Yeah. Like there are times when a joke might not land where you want and things like that. But the first time I bombed Well, the first time I bombed is that open mic, right. And that’s, there’s another kind of humiliation there because these are all your peers. Right? These are like this. Oh, You got up and you do and I was just like, these people know me. They don’t really know what I’m capable of. They don’t know if I’m funny. And these people all know each other really well. Yeah. And so you’re just, you’re sitting there and you’re just you’re weathering inside you’re like, Oh, I need to just I need to go fucking in, inject heroin into my deck right now. And like, I know slap myself in the face 1000 times, so it’s just the worst feeling.

Jessica Ventura 21:28
So what do you what did you do you just like, Did you just like work on the jokes or you just write everything?

Pranav Behari 21:36
about it? Like I remember at this one specific mic. Nobody was really getting any love. Yeah, all right. All right. But you know, in my diluted state as somebody just doing starting it and being like, I’m funny. I can. This is a moment where every comic thinks, hey, I can turn this thing around on the guy didn’t do it. And I didn’t I got like a couple chuckles but in general, it’s just like dead silence and be gave a fuck, you know, and nobody really nobody really gives a fuck If you bomb, you know, yeah, it’s like you can get a bad first impression of people if you see them bomb and that’s your first time seeing comedy. But any comic knows that bombing is just part of it. You got it. You got to fucking suck. We all fucking suck at this. You know, even at the highest levels, we all kind of suck. We all know even if you’re the best. Yeah, right, like, that’s it.

That’s good. All right, that was a high wire act. It’s also new

David Park 22:27
though, like, like, I think you’re kind of saying sometimes just like the crowd. I think we spoke with Luke tomorrow. Here’s our first guest great guy. Really good, funny guy too. And I think one of the things he was saying if I remember was sometimes it’s just like the crowd. Sometimes there’s just not a crowd that just, you know, like

Pranav Behari 22:45
they’re there. Sometimes there’s people who are just not therefore there’s sometimes it’s very weird because sometimes I remember doing a show once. I was pretty early and nobody was really getting a lot of love on the show. But I remember growing up just like Fox Come on guys, my clothes are killed, you know, he wasn’t killed and I was like, that’s great that I’m happy about that. But then on the way on the show, like a dozen people like you were so funny you were so funny like bitch laugh

David Park 23:12
You know? So

Pranav Behari 23:16
you know give me something fart any, any sound any trace of your humanity and so it’s weird like

yesterday I did a show and it was at this cafe and Bushwick and

the crowd was just not really there. They weren’t really there for it. Yeah, it was just a weird crowd. There’s a weird energy that can be in some rooms Yeah. And you’re like this is just it. Nothing’s gonna necessarily get a laugh out of them. Although I did get some you know, I I’m good enough now where I was able to just get some extract some some full room Laughter But the thing is, as a comic you never want to. Even though it’s true that the room might suck sometimes you never want to keep that in your mind. You know, you always have to be self directed with all of your critiques and figure out okay, how can this be better? How can this be better? How can this be better even if and the fact is, is that it could just be a shitty room but I think just for me personally, like, I hate coming out saying that hate coming out saying that because what you’re always aiming for and you’re failing at obviously, all the time is just being undeniably funny. Right? ownership. Yeah, like hack city, the show that you saw me on, I was great. I was very happy that I killed and I got a lot of love from people in the I got like, like, 25 people followed me on instagram from the washer. And so I knew I was good. I knew I knew it wasn’t it was an exceptionally good set, but at the same time, that’s just a good fucking show.

David Park 24:44
Yeah, that energy is really good

Pranav Behari 24:47
energy and they’re good. They did get a good DJ and that’s a good point to know those two guys, Mike and for me, they create an amazing atmosphere. For the comics, you know, they’ve really built something where it’s tough to go on that show and go

David Park 25:00
Yeah, well it’s like kind of cheer point where I think

Pranav Behari 25:04
like everybody had a pretty good set on that show.

David Park 25:06
Yeah, the entire set from beginning to end was yeah really good and it’s it’s weird cuz you go in that show the vibe the energy was people are there to laugh. I feel like we’ve been at shows where I’m like wire there are people there that they just look angry?

Why? Remember, we saw those. They’re like a, like a little Freemasons at that one show.

Jessica Ventura 25:31
We know what it was about. And then you’re like, Oh, this

Pranav Behari 25:34
was just like at a bar

David Park 25:36
set the stand. Oh, fuck. Yeah, I

Pranav Behari 25:38
mean, dude, Freemasons. I don’t know if they’re gonna be the jolliest people. Yeah.

Jessica Ventura 25:44
It was like I thought I thought it was like a holiday party like a post holiday parties. Because they’re all in tux

David Park 25:48
they all look like they like worked on like what old Wall Street money type

Pranav Behari 25:53
ties and like humorless people in the world.

David Park 25:58
It was scary. It was weird.

Pranav Behari 25:59
But But Like hack city, it’s like that’s that’s gonna be a good time. Yeah, funny bad if you’re, if you like really mean to bomb on a show like that Yeah, people are there to laugh but it’s a really fun stuff in the stuff where you’re like, Okay You can really feel yourself is when it’s a show that is cold and nobody’s getting any love and you go up and you’re somehow able to smash it. Yeah, that’s the most gratifying

David Park 26:23
that’s like that’s impressive right that’s like a true sign of that

Pranav Behari 26:27
that’s what I’m always after like killing on a hot show. I have to if it’s a hot show and I don’t kill I have to really look at myself like what did you do wrong? What was up with your energy? What was your jokes but that’s it’s hard to not kill on a hockey at least just do well,

David Park 26:40

Pranav Behari 26:43
But it’s sometimes at this phase of my career. What’s really rewarding is going on a show which is not great. Audiences a bit cold and you just punch him in the face, you know, and you just extract, you extract the laughs out of them. So to get time yeah

David Park 27:00
Yeah What about your your podcasts that you’ve been doing from a podcast

Pranav Behari 27:05
and mango Bay? A follow us on Instagram at your mango day while you are yeah

ma n GOP on Instagram follow a bitch

Jessica Ventura 27:17
do it now

Pranav Behari 27:18
you and your YouTube subscribe on YouTube Spotify iTunes write us a review on iTunes Apple podcasts Tick Tock you guys on the we’re not really on Tick Tock yen is what we do isn’t really companion

David Park 27:30
you know although no your your your partner sama right he’s constantly hitting you someone mentioned that in the comment Yeah.

Pranav Behari 27:39
As as brown out South Asians were very tactile people we touched a lot. You know, we touch each other a lot where it was slapping each other and ripping each other. It’s like we’re

Jessica Ventura 27:49
from childhood.

Pranav Behari 27:50
Yeah, yeah, we’re trying to turn that turn that turn that nastiness into gold into something nice. I think putting hands on people.

David Park 27:59
Oh shit. This stupid camera after 30 minutes, let’s say I gotta hit the you know talking about

Pranav Behari 28:04
your dog man. Go for it. Do you think

such an annoyance to happen? Yeah, you gotta set a timer for that on like your phone or whatever.

David Park 28:16
That’s a good strategy.

Wow, yeah. Yeah so back back to mango Bay. Yay, my

Pranav Behari 28:34

Jessica Ventura 28:35
was the inspiration for it and the name so

Pranav Behari 28:38
the inspiration was just you know, this guy sama is one of my best friends in the whole universe and I love this guy and, and whenever we get together, it’s just a fucking good time. You know, like we’d been doing it long before there was a podcast of like you just come over sometimes, or we’d be on the phone, or I just run into them on the street or after a show or something. We would just sit there and just fucking we would just go you know it would just be non stop laughing we’d have a great time and we just knew when we first met that we have like good chemistry is for it.

David Park 29:09
Yeah, you know I definitely want you watch it it seems like you guys are really good friends

Jessica Ventura 29:14
yeah supernatural.

Pranav Behari 29:16
Yeah it is. It’s it’s it is supernatural. Hey, how about that supernatural indeed. Hello. How’s my hair? look flat. The flat today your hairs.

Jessica Ventura 29:27
products are using none.

David Park 29:29
Right It’s all genetics.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Wow, great to know her fast for

Pranav Behari 29:33
that. Oh, no, no, it’s ruined her hair after a while.

Jessica Ventura 29:36
Oh, does it

David Park 29:39
I guess a little girl as a man with like very little hair. Just getting worse. You got a good luck. I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Oh, I’m jealous

Pranav Behari 29:47
with this hair.

Like a fucking Las Vegas magician. You know the Korean secrete Reuters. I’m sure who nobody wants.

David Park 29:56
I would still think that’s like a top complaint from my parents. Yeah, they’re like grow your hair out. I’m like, I can’t

Unknown Speaker 30:05
you gave me these jeans mom.

Pranav Behari 30:08
Grow your hair out, bitch.

David Park 30:11
Do anything. So,

Jessica Ventura 30:13
yeah, so tell us more about it. So you guys were good friends,

Pranav Behari 30:16
great friends. And

one time we were, we say hey, let’s

come over, like let’s eat some mushrooms. Have a good time, then you and I were going to go to this like 24 hour classical Indian music concert together. And we had this plan, okay. And he came over and you know, we need to shrooms and we’re like, we’re not going anywhere. Dude, this is too fun. We were just dying in my room. And we’re mangoes were mango people, you know, that’s our fruit. So we’d love mangoes. And we. We were sitting he was sitting next to me on the couch and we’re just like, fucking babbling like idiots or whatever. And he’s feeding dried mango.

I’m feeding him dried mango. He’s like, you’re my baby. I’m liking my mango.

David Park 31:08
That’s great. like mango.

Pranav Behari 31:10
What and then somewhere in the over the course of the evening, we were like, dude, we should we should do a podcast together. We should actually do this. He was there. He’d already been doing some podcasts that was kind of shady or whatever. He didn’t really like it. Yeah. And he was like, let’s do a podcast together. And we started talking about what it could be. And then we sobered up. And we were like, yo, even sober. This is still

David Park 31:32
good. Yeah.

Pranav Behari 31:35
And so we never let it go. The idea wasn’t the kind of thing where you just talk shit about it. We kept in constant conversation about what it would be like how it’s going to be what we want to do with it video how we want to get, we’re going to do it on my couch. We’re going to do it there. You know. And you know about a year later, you check the time I was like a year and a half later we actually did it. Like we got it all together. We had had a couple like trial runs of like, let’s just record on my laptop. Yeah. Okay, let’s figure out the lighting. And let’s figure out the cameras. We didn’t really have the expertise to do all that. But we did we put in, we invested some money in getting some cameras, getting couple lights, some audio stuff. And then we knew another comic really great guy, funny guy, too, who specializes in this kind of thing. And he was like, Well, look, I’ll come on and just show you how to do it. And then you can do it and it’ll be fine. But then he came and he stayed with us for two episodes. And he’s like, you know what, I think I want to keep coming back and just do this with you guys. Oh, wow. Yeah, he’s a great guy. We can’t do it without him. He’s an indispensable part of mango Bay Joe Russell Big shout outs hilarious guy. Yeah. Great guy, extremely talented. And so the it’s not the same without him. You know? And so he every Saturday we get together and we chop it up and then you know, we’re like with us and we want to put some clips out on Instagram. Yeah. Then that started to evolve and, and then we got this other really great guy Bengali guy named if you guys are shoutouts to Effie who does a lot of subtitling for comedy? And he was really into our thing. He’s a huge fan of Osama’s. Yeah. And he was like, Yo, I can help you with your clips, I can help you with this. And then he just his role is also kind of expanded and grown and really, so instrumental to our growth, especially online like he’s extremely talented. There’s nobody better in the business. And then if you guys are so, you know, we’re really blessed to be working with amazing, passionate, I know, people and we look forward to everybody being able to pair ourselves that point.

David Park 33:44
Yeah, no, I think like the thing that I noticed when we’re like scouting out potential people to like, invite to the show, yeah. What you guys have it’s like professional and it does make a difference. I mean, ultimately, at the end of the day, if you’re not funding then it would never work. Yes. What There is a difference between like, you guys have like a really great intro. You guys have like the great like screen. So

Jessica Ventura 34:06
yeah, yeah, it’s all like the video be both. Yeah. Pretty great. But now that I know where the story comes from, right? I’m like, yeah,

David Park 34:15
in that guy. I was listening to one of the the pods. You know, it’s funny cuz you guys talk about Joe and like, as someone that’s pretty new to the show. I’m like trying to figure out who the guy is. Yeah, in my head. I’m like, oh, he might be the guy like behind the camera behind the scenes. And the one thing that I think is fairly recent was it was funny, I was talking with Tom, I was talking about the fact that someone I think, hit him up in his DMS for Joe. Yeah.

Pranav Behari 34:41
It was me. It was somebody it was, okay. It was somebody who gotten a gun in the comment section of like an Instagram post of mine. And it was like a bit of a thirst trap that I was posting just vein selfies on my Instagram because people like that. And so he’s like, oh, you’re a high key baddie. It’s like oh, things and then this person came back they’re like Joza high key body to nose like Why? Like you better tell Joe yourself tag Joe Joe’s like yes, indeed I am. Maddie but yeah, people people are feeling about Joe his fingers into a lot of our episodes now because now like Joe chimes in, he’s a really funny dude. Yeah. And, you know, we always joke that he’s a pedophile, even though he’s not.

He’s definitely not a pedophile.

He’s not at all. He’s the best dude. He’s got a wonderful age girlfriend. Emphasis on Girl of the age of six now. Now she’s an adult. She’s great. Also very talented person. And so but it’s fun. You know, he’s just been there. He’s part of a world. Joe is kind of our first audience in a way,

David Park 35:46
you know, can see that he’s there

Pranav Behari 35:48
and Joseph, fairly stoic guy, right. He’s a fairly stoic guy. So you know when Joe laughs or Joe smiles and something you’re like, that is probably atomically funny. They got enough of react from Have

so that’s awesome.

Jessica Ventura 36:03
You guys prep like every week where you guys can talk about just seems I guess talk about whatever this

David Park 36:07
is this seems like just random shit.

Pranav Behari 36:08
I really get pretty random we have a topic. Yeah and we’ll talk about the topic and we’ll be serious about the time and we’ll say I think we say like really intelligent things about the topic but like we’re we’re in this for comedy you know like whatever comes to our mind we’re just popping off of dumb shit. Dumb hilarious beautiful and brilliant shit

Jessica Ventura 36:28
you like the I saw the one about like the first time buying condoms.

Pranav Behari 36:32
Oh my God, that’s such a great story.

Jessica Ventura 36:35
Yeah, I was like that is true. Like When was the first time you bought Khan?

Pranav Behari 36:39
Yeah, and we try to keep the content relatable. Yeah, so sometimes we do something. Last episode we shot her a couple episodes ago that we shot. We were supposed to talk about something really serious but sama and I were just like in the zone too much each other vibing that the episode just went so far off the rails of just like there isn’t we’re just Is it just pure laughs and this is just pure jokes and it’s amazing and we’re like, you know what? We’re just gonna call this episode Taj foolery and dodge foolery and keep keep an eye out for that should be on the next within the next month. It’s an unbelievable episode, but it’s just pure laugh. Pure riff, pure vibe. You know, those are our fans are in it for that they’re not in it because they want to hear like a serious discussion about this issue. They know they’ll get a little bit of that. Yeah, and they know they’ll get some relatability especially brown fans about things from our childhoods and stuff like that. But most of our our fans are pretty diverse. Yeah, so they’re really there for the vibe. They’re there for the laughs

David Park 37:37
You know, it’s also cool to for someone that’s like, probably not as versed in the culture and because you got a bit of that to like, even just doing research. I was checking out the pod before this. I was like, Oh, I think I learned some like,

Pranav Behari 37:50
people will get us up in the DMS and be like, I had no idea about these kinds of things. Yeah, yeah. Culture, you know, believing this is this is actually really informative to Yeah, we’re glad to be that We’re super happy to be that

David Park 38:01
it’s awesome. The pod I’m sure you get the slot with Hassan. And how did that come about? And like is that someone that you know?

Pranav Behari 38:10
So Hassan who’s obviously an amazing, amazing, talented, extremely talented guy and generous, great dude as well husana has been doing comedy a lot long he’s been. He’s been he’s been doing it like probably twice as long as I have. And so I think just as he was starting to come up, Hassan was starting to pop off and get really big. And so they knew each other, you know, each other in the scene, and he had his number and he’s like, let’s just get him he’s a good guy. And if he if he says yes, that’ll be great. Yeah, you know, lo and behold, someone’s like, Hey, I can’t do it right now but hit me up and a couple months. And he did He’s like, Yeah, let’s do it come to my studio. Super generous with his time he was right in the middle of doing Patriot Act stuff and and, and that’s all you know, everything that he does, and he was just great. He was he was hilarious. He was true. He was everything that you would have wanted out of a gas. Yeah, like me right now.

Jessica Ventura 39:04

Pranav Behari 39:07
Yeah, of course.

Great jewel chain.

David Park 39:18
This is I found this hilarious. I don’t like I was just looking through random stuff again and I’m like on your Facebook page. And I guess your Facebook page can get rated something it’s 5.5 point oh, and I read this quote it says he’s a brilliant comedian dot dot dot host who also gave me his kidney. I am his mom and Cancun bar that’s my mom.

Pranav Behari 39:44
Yeah, sir. She’s She’s an angel. Angel with hard hand. heavy handed Angel.

David Park 39:52
That’s really funny. Actually. It was really funny. She

Pranav Behari 39:55
was like, should I post this? And I was like, This is so hilarious, like Yes, you have to now post that. Okay,

Jessica Ventura 40:02
so your mom came up with this. This is not something that you were like,

David Park 40:05
yeah, you didn’t like force her to do this.

Pranav Behari 40:07
Yeah. My mom is funny as fuck too, by the way. Okay. All right. She’s very funny. Both my parents are really hilarious people actually.

Jessica Ventura 40:14
All right, so it’s like it’s jeans.

Pranav Behari 40:16
Yeah, she’s like a storyteller and she’s just wild in general. She’ll come out with some comments or like, you know, she’ll she rose people a lot. My dad’s like, really witty. He’s got good timing.

David Park 40:26
Wow. So like the whole What about you, brother? He said, my brother. My brothers is pretty funny dude as well.

Pranav Behari 40:31
And he took his comedic skills to become a urologist. He’s uh, you’re

does run in the family?

Jessica Ventura 40:39
Yeah, he did go to med school.

Pranav Behari 40:42
Yeah, my brother’s he’s a surgeon. He’s a very successful, very highly esteemed surgeon. He’s extremely talented guy.

Jessica Ventura 40:49
I think you guys talked about it on the podcast. Your parents are still waiting for you guys. Yeah,

Pranav Behari 40:53
yeah. All that shit. You know, my brother jumped on that grenade for me though.

He’s got four Kids, he’s a doctor and he’s married to a doctor and

David Park 41:03
he’s married to a doctor too.

Pranav Behari 41:04
Oh yeah, he’s just living in India mastery. This is

David Park 41:08
the number one golden child.

Pranav Behari 41:10
He really as he really is, yeah. Good looking to you guys.

Jessica Ventura 41:15
Thanksgiving must be fun. What’s that three unions might be

David Park 41:19
time bla though because I need to feel better about my. Yeah.

Now he doesn’t he’s just, you know

Pranav Behari 41:29
he doesn’t let it out as much now. Okay, when I’m around him sometimes you’ll you know, we’ll have we’ll have some some good laughs Yeah, you know, he’s like, he’s pretty square dude. He knows that he likes that. He’s a family man. But like from not not a very expressive person.

David Park 41:43
Okay, but like from like that, like the typical ideal dude. Yeah, he sounds like the dream. He’s like, Doctor handsome. Obviously very smart. Bla Bla polite. Probably won’t like he is like, good, dude.

Pranav Behari 41:58
Wow, dude. I could take Two

closet is unparalleled. And I’m just hating

the East Village apartment Don’t give me that shit. Doing all right. Yeah.

David Park 42:17
Hey, we got a it’s gonna look weird if people let’s let’s make it sound worse I live in where’s the best place to

learn? Thank you

Unknown Speaker 42:26
someone please come save us pertain to Staten Island

David Park 42:32
Oh, God where do they want to go? Oh, so like, we do this because like we don’t I saw your set as we said very funny but like we all know you so it’s like just like googling and like one of the things like oh this like LinkedIn thing showed up like have you ever do you ever Google yourself and like click on these man you

Pranav Behari 42:50
gotta be what are we looking at LinkedIn? I literally just got on LinkedIn like, go and there’s nothing there. Yeah,

David Park 42:56
well, the reason I bring it up is I clicked on this guy. There’s one other guy With your exact same name, right? And he’s like, he’s very different from you. He’s like a finance guy.

Pranav Behari 43:06
already. I want his profile.

David Park 43:08
Yeah. Yeah. But yeah. And then there’s like IMDb. The guy with your name had a credit for Grand Theft Auto four.

Pranav Behari 43:17
That is true. I was a voice in auto for

voice and it was just like an extra voice I, I had to play like a Cuban guy whose car whose car just got jacked. And he has like two lines. And one of them I think they thought cuz I was brown. They’re like, you’ll be the Cuban

David Park 43:37
or whatever. Close enough. I

Pranav Behari 43:39
got in there. And my two lines were Hey, that’s my wife’s car.

Unknown Speaker 43:44
And how you went?

Pranav Behari 43:45
Yeah, and then the other line was based on my cool okay.

And those are my two lines in GTA four.

David Park 43:53
All right, well, I feel like I mean, that game. I don’t know if I’ve ever played a video game more than that game that was like a monster. metal part of my life holy like the amount of I basically probably spent like, I don’t know, like 90. It’s not in ours. It’s like in weeks. It was. That’s crazy. Shit. Totally. We did this so we’re trying to come up with a segments because again like we’re trying to figure this whole thing out. Let’s we do this thing where we just see what’s trending on Google and Twitter to see if there’s anything we want to talk about. A lot of times there’s not

Coronavirus and

Yang will win politics. Do you know you’re gonna vote for

are you still up in there?

Pranav Behari 44:46
I’ll probably try and vote for Bernie Sanders. Okay, yeah,

David Park 44:50
that’s that’s where I’m leaning myself to but i’m not i’m not hundred percent at this point. I do kind of feel sorry.

Pranav Behari 45:01
Got some game dude Yang has got some game he’s no joke.

David Park 45:06
What else? More politics soccer American dirt.

Unknown Speaker 45:10
It’s been a weird week for Nisha Kara Why should care in the news? Oh

Pranav Behari 45:13
my god.

Jessica Ventura 45:16
I doing the performance for the halftime show. It’s all Latin woman this time for the halftime show

Unknown Speaker 45:21
is all. Yeah. Shakira and JLo.

David Park 45:26
So watch it.

Jessica Ventura 45:27
I am watching. I am watching.

Pranav Behari 45:29
No, I don’t I don’t watch it like that. But

Unknown Speaker 45:32
you’re you’re Latina. You’re trying I am salvadorian on your Brazilian.

Pranav Behari 45:36
Okay. Slow play.

Jessica Ventura 45:38
Yeah. Do you know I mean, a lot of people don’t know Salvador. Like people are like, oh, what do you Mexican?

Pranav Behari 45:44
Mexican right now. I’m just kidding. I don’t like that. Now. I know that El Salvador is a brutal history. Political. Yeah. School of the Americas. A lot of really that kind of thing. Yeah, of course medicine but yeah. Got a beautiful country,

Jessica Ventura 46:02
beautiful countries. It’s very pretty dangerous sometimes little dangerous sometimes. Yeah, no Salvador and 100%. I grew up with like my parents, like, you know, Spanish is my first language. English. I’m like, I still asked my parents. I’m like, how did I learn English? Like, I don’t know, you picked up from TV or something? Really? Yeah. That’s because my parents didn’t speak it at all. Like, no, like they came into this country, like, trying to figure it out. So my mom’s like, English was pretty broken when like first

Unknown Speaker 46:28
moved out here. You grew up in Southern California.

Jessica Ventura 46:30
No, I grew up in New York. Oh, you were up in New York. I grew up in New York. I think you were because I lived out in cow. Okay. Yeah, I’ve been like my whole entire life. I feel like I’ve been moving between the East Coast and West Coast, or the East Coast. I moved to San Francisco came back to the east coast, that my family decided to move to upstate New York. So I have to say I’m from upstate New York. That was like, from Long Island to upstate New York. That was like, Okay. Yeah, I was very different. I started listening to country music. Okay. Yeah, I thought, well, I did. I did. I was like the only lad persons and girlfriend

Pranav Behari 47:03
you assimilated wrong.

Jessica Ventura 47:05
I know very, very back to San Francisco after I graduated college. And like, I think I just like,

yeah, went back with my roots. Yeah. And now I’m back in New York. So

David Park 47:16
it’s weird. Like, you know, when you meet people have a certain vibe of a different city. I feel like you’re kind of more or less. I feel like you’re a SF kind of person, if that makes sense.

Jessica Ventura 47:25
I guess I’m pretty laid back.

Pranav Behari 47:27
But your voice your accent is very New York is east coast.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
Okay. I don’t feel like I have an accent. He gets very subtle.

Pranav Behari 47:33
Okay. All right. All right. Like 15 years, so I can pick up on that.

Jessica Ventura 47:37
All right. Yeah, no, no, I grew up. I mean, I just been back and forth between San Francisco, New York. I feel like my whole entire life so But yeah, I love New York. I mean, when I was in San Francisco, I was like, Oh, it’s so cold. I love I love California. I was really hard to leave.

Pranav Behari 47:54
I hate the weather there in San Francisco to gain an August I was doing a bunch of shows that with my ex girlfriend, we’re going to a wedding and it’s just too fucking cold there.

David Park 48:05

Jessica Ventura 48:06
it is chilly. It’s always chilly. But you know what you get. I used to hate it. And then I got so used to it because I mean, just walk out with the same clothes every day. Just layer up. You’re like either if it’s sunny, it’s either like the fog of

Pranav Behari 48:18
compassion, I guess.

Layer layers.

Jessica Ventura 48:23
But it’s also good like for runs. Because of your writing outside doing any physical activity. You’re like, ooh, free air conditioning. But yeah, I mean, yeah, I think San Francisco was have like a spot in my heart. But I’m like really enjoying New York like, yeah, I actually, like when Dave and I first met, I was telling him I was like, Yeah, I just started acting classes because that’s like one things I always wanted to do. And I was like, I just, you know, why not? Yeah. So and then we went to the live podcasts for Asia, North Asian recording and then it was at the pay so prop classes I was like, why not? Why not take improv class? Yes. And

Pranav Behari 49:06
yes, and I’m gonna do this.

David Park 49:08
Have you done? Have you done improv yourself?

Pranav Behari 49:09
Yeah, I would. Yeah, no, I just haven’t had time yet to really try and do it. It’d be it’d be fun skill to learn.

Jessica Ventura 49:19
I feel like it’s a good skill for like life in general. Right. Right. So, but yeah, that’s kind of like what I’m doing like all these passion projects and

Unknown Speaker 49:28
I’m like, why not? It’s awesome course

Jessica Ventura 49:30
started a little too late. But you know,

Pranav Behari 49:34
to bring that energy.

Jessica Ventura 49:38
But yeah, no, I love New York. There’s just so much opportunity here. That is true. Like someone once said to me, like, at the end of day in New York, like people are always gonna stop in New York. So and you have that opportunity to like meet that or at least meet someone you never know who you’re gonna meet. So, yeah, just be ready.

David Park 49:57
Yeah, an opportunity to come never know what happened. Yeah, I think even with like your pilots, it’s so interesting. I just think it’s like sometimes just like that break or that exposure. It’s I mean, you guys have a following now it looks like butts

Pranav Behari 50:09
are falling over. We’re not even a year old yet. We’ll be in a couple weeks actually in February. Oh, yeah, it’ll be a year old and we’ve already had a lot of great games and like, awesome. Yeah, just feeling loved. And that’s what we like, you know, it’s like, we do want to like do this for a living though. Yeah, you know. So that’s, you know, we really work hard at it and we try to promote as much as we can get a live show coming up in March. Yeah, follow him follow where the details are still being worked out. But follow the stay following me on Instagram. That’s

David Park 50:37
gonna be like a

Pranav Behari 50:38
live pod you’re saying now it’s gonna be we’re gonna sound minor stand ups to our core so we want to show stand up show.

Jessica Ventura 50:44
Wow, are you guys gonna go together? Or is it gonna be like one we’re gonna we’re gonna open

Pranav Behari 50:47
up the show together and just pack in banter and riff with the audience or whatever. Hey, time and then bring up some really fucking kick ass comics. awesomely Good. Good, good fucking time. All right, come out. Have a good time. Yeah yeah

Jessica Ventura 51:01
I’m excited for this yeah we’ll definitely be there

Pranav Behari 51:04
will be the real deal

David Park 51:05
for every one we interview we have to go to everyone show we’re gonna end up at like a lot of shit

Pranav Behari 51:10
Are you Are

David Park 51:11
we I mean we’ve already been to watch like the actual kind of wrong on this but so we changed the name of comedy noted the initial idea for the show and I’m kind of curious your thoughts because we’ve gone back and forth on it so initially

the podcast was called come back to my apartment and beyond our podcast

Pranav Behari 51:32
idea was a bit wordy slash creepy. Yeah. Yeah, it almost sounds like a pickup line. The nerdiest pickup line ever. Hey, it’s not even Netflix pod and chill now.

David Park 51:50
But the reason it came about cuz the stand is just down the street for me. And I was like, hey, Jess, I have this idea. We just go there is convenience. I’ll say I’m just right down the street. And then We tried it like, I don’t know, it’s already a hard sell. You’re right

Unknown Speaker 52:04
now, and

David Park 52:05
there be people that would say like, oh, we’ll totally do it. But not tonight. Yeah. And they’d come up with like, the most random excuses like in the world because it probably was too creepy. And some

Pranav Behari 52:18
of them they don’t know what you’re about, you know, you sent me an email. And that was very professional. Yeah, so it was like, Okay, good. And it was a well well written email and, and you guys are talking about everything that you’re doing. So I was like, Okay, this makes sense. Yeah,

Jessica Ventura 52:31
I was like, compared it to like, picking up girls or picking up a guy at the bar,

Unknown Speaker 52:36
right? Yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker 52:38
can I get you to be like, well, the other thing too, though. I don’t want to fuck, you know, just.

David Park 52:44
But the other confusing thing is I would like be like, just you go talk to him. Like, it’d be like a straight dude. And then they watch

would think that she was like, and they’re like, no, it’s for the coffee shop, like Nevermind Yeah, so it was a little deceptive I guess. And I’d say so we learned but I was trying to close it but then I’m sorry I gotta bring this up to kind of funny

Pranav Behari 53:10
Yeah, just keep going man then you know later right my professors. Oh, this

alright bring it up. Yeah, I taught college for a very short time.

Jessica Ventura 53:21
Why don’t you talk college?

Pranav Behari 53:22
Yeah, I used to teach, like, composition literature. Stuff like that right? I gotta read these clothes.

David Park 53:30
These are amazing 5.0 Super dude, love his beard. Okay

this guy is the man Okay,

Pranav Behari 53:39
yeah, I rating

David Park 53:41
best English professor ever classes are always fun and interesting. He’s a great a piece of me. Okay.

Pranav Behari 53:48
So so I was being objectified there but yeah.

David Park 53:50
Amazing. So you must have been doing this for a while back. He said

Pranav Behari 53:56
a while back. It was just like it was just, you know, I had a friend who taught And he was like you can do this you know you have an advanced degree and just come teach for a little bit and it seems like about a year or so I taught on and off and that was actually great prep to do stand up. Oh yeah because you have to get up in front of people who actually don’t want to fucking be there and make them want to fucking be there and I was a very bad teacher but I was like a good presence in the classroom and that like I hated it said there’s a lot of work to teach and it’s very thankless labor Yeah, so shout out all the teachers out there but sometimes I do come to class and I’ve just been fucking making him laugh the whole time you know and just like gamma be like I was was a lot of

David Park 54:39
people here today. A lot of people Oh, how

Pranav Behari 54:43
are you doing girl you went out to read yet or whatever. I just got them in there and I can joke with them and make them laugh, you know,

Jessica Ventura 54:50
which is great because I actually had a professor actually look him up but I had a professor who taught business law and he was hilarious because He went up there and treated it like stand up right like when he was talking about the law like he was it was just hilarious I wonder if he’s doing stand up

David Park 55:07

Unknown Speaker 55:10
that’s what’s going on over here

David Park 55:14
Give me a different angle but yeah also watch the hair also want to give him the angle for like closing out oh yeah giving him his time to plug once we plug it like five times I

Jessica Ventura 55:28
think that podcast so it’s honestly the only podcast

Pranav Behari 55:31
worth listening to aside from this one

Oh, am I plugging now? We have some other questions here we

Jessica Ventura 55:41
got anything else? No, I think that’s I mean, no, I think you’re awesome. I think your podcasts hilarious and I can’t kind of can’t wait to catch

Pranav Behari 55:49
you. Yeah, you have to catch I on Instagram. I do. Do you guys follow me on? What panda

was that printer? Ah ha ha pra na ha Ha follow my podcast on Instagram at your mango Bay while you are ma NGO BP follow my boy who’s sama bin laughing la gh is also on the gram but I need more followers right now he’s got like a million

David Park 56:17
yeah a lot got a lot he had

Pranav Behari 56:18
a big yeah that but he also he had a couple big blow ups this year like has some some stand up clips of his got when he got like, like really really fucking blew up and that’s been a huge boon for the podcast to subscribe to us on YouTube. That’s your main that’s mango Bay I mean GOP on YouTube subscribe to us. They’re write us a review on Apple podcasts. Subscribe to us there Spotify and just fuck with us. Dude, we have a fucking great time you guys are gonna love it.

David Park 56:44
A lot about a handwritten peel box. Can they send letters physical letters

Pranav Behari 56:50
into the DM, slide into the DM stay coming with the tid pics and the love and yes and all that some people have questions too if they ever want to ask a question about life or Whatever. almost definitely

Jessica Ventura 57:02
share some stories. You have some some, you know.

David Park 57:05
Yeah, exactly. Awesome.

Pranav Behari 57:07
Yeah. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you guys.

David Park 57:11
Hey, so number two later

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